Sunday, April 14, 2013

Why? Plus SBBC Week 6

I recently had the great fortune to run with someone that made it crystal clear to me why I continue to train.  Her name is Mary Lynn.  I have known her for a few years now through my local women's kayak group.  I ran into her 3 weeks ago at the Tuesday evening West Sixth Run Club.   She was training for a 5K with Krissie from Committed Coaching.  During our 3 mile run I learned that she is in the 70-75 age group, she married her high school sweetheart & is still happily married, she regularly works out at the Y among other things.  She ran the Shamrock Shuffle last March & won her age group!

After our run, I realized why I will continue to train even though I may never compete in anything longer than a sprint triathlon or 5K again.  I want to be active to the day I die.  I want to be doing this when I am 70.  I want to have the energy & strength to enjoy the endurance event called life.

I want to be doing all of these things for a very long time:

More Cycling! 
SBBC Week 6

This is also week 2 of the metabolic boost.  I am still really surprised & happy with how that is going.  I took a few days off from workouts due a hectic week but I still got in all my water & freggies thanks to the boost.

Monday - 1 hour Pilates, 64 oz water, 7 freggies
Tuesday - 40 minutes Swim, 40 minute run, 64 oz water, 7 freggies
Wednesday - 64 oz water, 7 freggies
Thursday - 64 oz water, 7 freggies
Friday -  64 oz water, 7 freggies
Saturday - 1 hour Yoga, 45 minute run, 64 oz water, 7 freggies
Sunday - 45 minute swim, 1 hour Kayak trip, 64 oz water, 7 freggies

Week 6 Points = 49
SBBC Total Points = 235.3

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  1. Hey!!! That's me and you up there swimming!!

    I feel the same way, as long as I'm doing something I'll be happy :)



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