Sunday, September 11, 2011

2011 Triathlon Season Recap

This year my triathlon specific training started on April 5th.  I finished the season with Tri for Sight as part of the Tres Chic relay team on September 4th. 

I competed in 5 triathlons but only trained specifically for 2 races, Irongirl Atlanta & Lake Logan International.  I followed the Advanced Sprint plan for the Irongirl & the Beginner Olympic plan for Lake Logan.  Both were from Time Crunched Triathlete.  These plans fit in really well with my schedule.

This years Triathlons:

Irongirl Atlanta - May 15
French Broad Challenge - Won first award ever! - May 28
Markey Sprint - June 26
Lake Logan International - August 6
Tri for Sight - Tres Chic Relay (bike leg) - September 4 - Won 3rd place Female Team

Total Miles - 4/5/11 - 9/4/11

Swim = 29.5 miles
Bike = 754 miles
Run = 175 miles

For a whopping total of 958.5 Miles!  For me that is my biggest total since starting triathlons.  So basically, if I left my house in Lexington, KY & hopped onto I75 South, 958.5 miles later  (well, to be exact 953) I would be at my Aunt Maggi's house in North Ft Myers, FL.  Pretty cool to think about it that way. 

Iron Girl Specific Miles - Training Block 4/5/11 - 5/15/11

Swim (1/3 Mile OWS) = 7.83 Miles
Bike (18 Miles)  = 216.59 Miles
Run (3.1 Miles) = 49.09 Miles

Lake Logan Specific Miles - Training Block 6/14/11 - 8/6/11

Swim (1500m OWS) = 13.82 Miles
Bike (40km) = 355.14 Miles
Run (10k) = 65.34 Miles

After Lake Logan on 8/6 I did not ride on the road until Tri for Sight.  I also did not run the last 2 weeks of August due to an inner groin strain & a sinus infection.  I did get in quite a few swims in August but overall  my August miles were pretty dismal.

In the hopes that my minor ailments do not turn into full blown injuries, I am not riding or running for the next couple of weeks.  I am doing lots of stretches, Pilates, Yoga & Swimming in hopes to be able to ease back into running by October 1st.  I am registered for the Iron Horse half marathon on October 23rd but at this point I doubt that I will be able to run it.  I will finish up the Team Aquaphor season with some local 5K's once I get running again. 

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