Saturday, May 16, 2015

Foiled Again - DNS

This weekend we were supposed to be in Knoxville for the Challenge Knoxville Olympic  triathlon.  I won this race back in January at the Bluegrass Tri Club kick off event.   Even though we had a terrible winter I managed to get a good training base in thanks to committing to the Shelbyville Tri Series.  It forced me to get on my trainer all winter.  Once mid March came around I was able to get some good outdoor rides in.  I was feeling strong for so early in the season.

From our last 40 Miler Ride
Then it happened.  It started out as a cold but then morphed into pneumonia.  And just like that training came to a complete halt 11 days before the big race.  I fought a fever as high as 103F for several days before the second round of antibiotics kicked in.   The next few days I was completely exhausted & had an annoying cough.  10 days in, I am feeling better but do not have enough energy to work out yet.

I am bummed but things can always be worse.  I will get over this crud soon & will be able to start training again.  Patience isn't my strong suit.

The doctor did lecture me on not using my inhalers daily.  I am so bad taking medicine if I feel OK.  The reality is I get sick every spring.  It always starts out as allergies then turns into a cold / sinus infection.  This year I was doing so good.  I didn't get sick at all this past winter so it was that much harsher when I got this doozy of an illness.  

In an effort to not repeat this next year I am going to document my spring plans here as recommended by my doctor & and on my calendar for March 1, 2016
  • QVAR - If no longer taking - restart!  Take 2 puffs 2x per day.
  • Ventolin - Take everyday.  Use prior to every workout
  • Nasal Rinse every night
  • Shower in evenings instead
  • Even if weather is awesome don't do every workout outside especially when pollen counts are high.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

2015 Heart & Sole Triathlon Race Report

About 3 weeks ago was the Heart & Sole triathlon in Versailles.  This was the 3rd year in a row competing in this race.  (2013 & 2014 race reports HERE & HERE)

This year the weather was PERFECT.  Just perfect.  It was in the mid 50s when we started & quickly warmed up to 63 for the bike & 68 for the run.  I successfully operated my fancy Garmin this time & have data - hence the exact temperatures for the bike & run.  Yay me.

Steve & I left the house shortly after 6:30AM & arrived at Falling Springs about 7AM.  The race was scheduled to start at 8AM.   These smaller races are getting to be second nature - I sleep just fine now & have very few nerves before the race.  I know Challenge Knoxville will be a completely different story.   I quickly set up my transition & then went to chat with the Smiley garage ladies.

The swim was seeded & the interval was 15 seconds which works so, so well. I seeded myself using last years swim time so I was again starting about 20 minutes back.  This week the swim was so good - not like the head on at Shelbyville #3.   I don't think I was passed or passed anyone.  Clear water the entire 400 yards.

Pre race Garmin Education

Lots of clear water!

400 yard Swim Time: 9m17s - 4/4 Age Group

Transition was quick.  From my experience last week I knew I didn't need any additional clothing for the bike and I was right.  The weather was perfect!

T1 Time: 0m54s - 1/4 Age Group

I decided I would push hard on the bike this time.  The roads were a little rough from the winter.  There were quite a few pot holes to navigate on Steele & McCracken roads.  I managed to avoid the big pot holes while maintaining a decent for me pace.  Besides that the bike was uneventful.

15 mile Bike Time: 52m30s - 17.1 mph - 2/4 Age Group

Transition 2 was no biggie either.  Quick in & out.

T2 Time: 0m41 - 1/4 Age Group

The run is a 5k cross country course.  It is tough.  I don't run cross county often so I am always a little nervous about turning an ankle like last years Dirty Dog trail run.   This year the course was well mowed & dry.  I walked a fair bit but tried to keep it to the hills only.

5K Run Time: 32m44s- 3/4 Age Group

Total Time: 1h36m09s - 3/4 Age Group

We didn't stick around after the race.  I wanted to get another 15-20 miles in for training.  Steve & I headed to West 6th to get in some Pedaling for a Purpose miles.  After our ride we refueled with a Smithtown burger & a West 6th brew.   A perfect spring day!

Now time to focus on my big spring race - Challenge Knoxville.  It's only 2 weeks away!


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