Sunday, November 2, 2014

Numbers Catch Up

As most blogs usually do, this one has also fallen by the wayside.  It has been several months since posting a numbers update.

The goal this summer was to get my hip finally in order. In the process, I dropped one weekly run & added bike miles.  It has been a great balance between being mostly pain free & maintaining speed & fitness.  Plus the added bonus of doing what I enjoy most - riding the beautiful back roads of central Kentucky.

July Numbers:

Swim: 11,707 yards
Bike: 109.37 miles
Run: 31.17 miles
Walk: 36.97 miles
Yoga/Pilates: 3
Weights: 0 but doing glute exercises regulary
Races: 1 - Asheville Sprint Triathlon

August Numbers:

Swim: 10,577 yards
Bike: 209.42 miles
Run: 33.02 miles
Walk: 8.75 miles
Yoga/Pilates: 2
Weights: 0 but doing glute exercises regulary
Races: 1 - Danville Sprint Triathlon

September Numbers:

Swim: 5,587 yards
Bike: 188.1 miles including Savory Cycle
Run: 30.07 miles
Walk: 18.7 miles
Yoga/Pilates: 0
Weights: 0 but doing glute exercises regulary
Races: 1 - Tri for Sight Sprint Triathlon

October Numbers:

Swim: 8,500 yards
Bike: 217.48 miles including Backroads Brewer Ride
Run: 31.39 miles
Walk: 13.7 miles
Yoga/Pilates: 3
Weights: 2 plus doing glute exercises regularly
Races: 1 - Black Cat Chase 5K

Numbers through October:

Swim: 109,985 yards Goal: 176,000 yards
Bike: 1089.78 miles Goal: 1,000 miles
Run: 340.65 miles Goal: 500 miles
Walk: 217.99 miles Goal: n/a
Yoga/Pilates: 11 Goal: 24
Races: 10 Goal: 12

The majority of the goals I will miss this year and that is OK.  My overarching goal is to have fun & stay healthy which I have achieved this year and that is a major win in my book!

What's next?  Still on the fence on the Frog's Gone Wild triathlon next weekend.  I will wait until mid week to decide depending on the weather.   I did register Steve & I for the Thoroughbred Classic 5K on Thanksgiving as well as the Jingle Bell Jog 5K in December.  I also plan to run the Southern Lights 5K with my running girls.

Backroads Brewery Ride
Photo by Jody Shoup
Last weeknight ride of the season.
Glad it was dark because there is a bug in my teeth - eew!
Photo by Ruth Adams
Berea Pinnacles Hike
Black Cat Chase 5K - 10/24/14
Photo by Jill Van Tassel
West 6th Halloween Run
West 6th Halloween Run
Photo from West 6th Facebook page


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