Saturday, February 1, 2014

January Wrap, February Goals & a New Puppy!

Happy February!   One month closer to Spring.  The big news for us in January is we adopted a puppy.  Not the best month to get a puppy - it certainly has not been easy to get her exercised but hopefully we only have a few more weeks of the crappy weather.

Meet Sammie!

We think she is a Dachshund / Miniature Pinscher mix also know as a Doxie-Pin.  She is about 5 months.  Overall she is a great puppy - she is even better when she gets to walk everyday.

January Recap

Swim: Goal - 15,000 Yards, Actual - 15,450 yards
Bike: Goal - 85 miles, Actual - 67.3 miles
Run: Goal - 40 miles, Actual - 47 miles (includes 6 miles walking)
Weights/TRX: Goal - 9 sessions, Actual - 9
Yoga/Pilates: Goal - 2 sessions, Actual - 2
Races: Goal - 1, Actual -  1 - Resolution 5 Miler on 1/1/14 - 52m18s (10:28 pace)

Considering the weather I am very happy with how the month went.  I hit all the goals except the bike but fully expect to make that up come Spring.  The weather here has been a roller coaster.  One weekend in mid January it was warm enough to ride the Legacy Trail then later that week we had highs in the single digits.  Last Tuesday evening we ran in 10F from West 6th then this morning we ran in 55F.  That is the nice thing about Kentucky - we get random warm days in the middle of winter.  Helps break things up.
Saturday Coffee Club Run - Country Boy
Saturday Coffee Club Run

Very Cold West 6th Tuesday Run
February Goals

Swim: 13,600 Yards
Bike: 64 miles
Run: 40 miles
Weights/TRX:  8 sessions
Yoga/Pilates: 2 sessions
Races: 1 - This may be a triathlon but don't hold me to it!

Have a great month!


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