Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 3 of Trying to be a Morning Person

For the past 3 weeks I have been getting up at 5:15AM which gets me into the pool by 5:50AM. Prior to 3 weeks ago I always thought swimming at 5:30AM may not be a wise thing for me to do.  Roll out of bed, drive to the gym , jump in the pool & swim.  Not being a morning person or a great swimmer it just seemed.....a little unsafe.

Anyhoo, I made it through the first 2 weeks of without any incident.  This morning was a different story.  I am not sure if it was because of the dreary weather or just because folks are back into their routines but the pool was busy this morning.  Every lane was already taken so I had to share a lane.  As I was finishing up my warmup I managed to get a mouth & goggle full of water from my lane mate.  Usually I can swim through that kind of thing but not this morning...I started choking like crazy.  Nice, not only do I look like a bad swimmer I seem to be drowning as well.  I made it to the wall without having to be rescued & took a breather.  I drained my goggles & noticed I couldn't see.  Great, I thought I lost one of my contacts.  Nope...just managed to slide up in my eyeball.  Love when that happens. 

After a minute or two I started my drill set.  A similar thing happens a few more time but I manage to recover without choking or stopping & my goggles stayed dry.  I am used to swimming with other folks but today the pool just seemed so chaotic.   I wonder if it was just one of those days you can't find your rhythm or what. After about 30 minutes my lane mate was gone & I had the lane to myself. 

I finished my workout without any more incidents & then went to the 7AM Pilates class.  WOW - that class kicks my butt...or should I say my gut?   You think after spending a year swimming, biking & running that you are in good shape.   Maybe good shape for those 3 activities but I have found that I have some serious muscle imbalances that I need to work on.  

Pro's for before work Workouts:

Pool has 4 lap lanes.  After work only 2.
It is done.  After work I can just go home. 
It makes me feel energized until about 2PM.  Then I want to take a nap.
The people in the 6AM & 7AM classes are WAY more chipper & happy than 5:30PM classes.

Con's for before work Workouts:

9PM bedtime
5:15AM alarm
2PM drowsies.  Hopefully, I will get used to that after I adjust to my new schedule.

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