Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Good Eatin' in Cincinnati

The main reason for going to Cincinnati last weekend was for the Total Immersion Swim Clinic.  The second reason?  To eat!

Friday night I made reservations at Barresi's Italian Restaurant.  It was about 10 minutes from our hotel & the reviews online were mostly positive.

Our reservation was for 7:30 but we arrived early hoping they would be able to seat us.  Not a problem.  There were only a few tables seated when we arrived.  That always makes me wonder when a restaurant is almost empty.

Right away they brought us some bread.  It wasn't the usual bread you get at an Italian restaurant.  These were little squares of awesomeness.  They tasted so darn good.  I am pretty sure I ate half the basket they were that good.

Steve ordered Beef Tenderloin & Crab Gorgonzola.  I ordered Salmon Cardinale - the description was a poached fresh filet topped with shimp (a ginormous shrimp!), lump crabmeat & lobster cream sauce.  It was   delicious.  Steve's was pretty good too but I think I picked the winner this time.

It came with the largest shrimp! 
You can't really see them but there are 2 filets in there.
Of course, a visit to an Italian restaurant isn't complete without Tiramisu.  It was amazing!  So light & yummy!

Sorry no before pic.  All I could think of is eating it!  :-)
Overall, Barresi's was worth the visit.

Saturday night we met my friend T from college & her husband at Teak in Mt. Adams.  When I was moving to Lexington in 2003 they took me to another restaurant in the same neighborhood.  Mt. Adams is such a cool neighborhood.  It sits on a hill overlooking the city.   We had a great time catching up.  Teak was a winner too.

Sunday after the clinic was over Steve & I hit City Barbecue before we drove home.  Someone told me it was a chain.  Neither one of us had heard of it before but we both thought it was pretty good BBQ.  I was really surprised that we had such good eating success all weekend.

I am working on the swim clinic post.   In a nutshell, I am really glad I went.  I can already tell it is helping my swim technique.  yay!


  1. So glad you got some good Italian food!! Can't wait to hear about the swim clinic. Can you share any secrets from it??



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