Sunday, February 12, 2012

Swim for Sherry

Most of the blogging world is familiar with Sherry's tragic story.  For those that don't know, she was abducted during an early morning run in January near her home in Sidney, Montana.  Her abductors were later caught & confessed to killing her.

Her cousin (Shut Up and Run) arranged a Run in her memory.  The main run was yesterday but people have been running all week & weekend in Sherry's memory.  On SUAR's Facebook page she said over 20,000 bibs were printed as of yesterday & people were still printing them out.

Since no running for me I decided to swim in her memory.  

I wasn't able to pin on the bib but left is on the deck next to my water bottle.  I swam 2550 yards which is a swim distance PR for me.   It felt good.  

What happened to Sherry could easily have happened to any one of us.  We run, often on our own.  My heart goes out to Sherry's family & friends.  I hope this virtual event gives them some comfort that Sherry's story has touched many lives including lots of strangers.  


  1. Awesome job, and it is such a sad, sad, story!

  2. I am so sad for Sherry's family. It is just such a senseless crime and a really beautiful life was taken. Good job on your swim!

  3. Good thinking!! What an incredibly sobering story, though. Thanks for posting this.



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