Sunday, March 31, 2013

3 Weeks Plus SBBC Week 3 AND 4

I have been a lazy blogger these past few months.  I have a lot to say but just don't feel like putting the effort in to write the posts.  If I am going to be completely honest, I have been pretty lazy with my training & nutrition as well.

I registered for the first tri of the season.  It is the Heart & Sole Triathlon and is 3 weeks from yesterday.  It includes a 400 yard swim, 15 mile ride & 5K cross country run.  There is a training day this Saturday that will cover the bike & run coarse which will give me a preview of just how out of shape I am.  

Here is a pic from our snowy WNC vacation last week.   We had hoped to do a lot of hiking but mother nature had other plans.  Instead we explored the area towns & ate & ate & ate.  

SBBC Week 3 

Monday - 55 minutes Pilates, 64 oz water
Tuesday - 55 minutes swim, 36 minute run, 64 oz water
Wednesday - nada
Thursday - 38 minute run, 64 oz water, 7 freggies
Friday - nada
Saturday - 60 minutes Yoga, 38 minute run, 64 oz water
Sunday - nada

Week 3 Points = 33.5
SBBC Total Points = 86

SBBC Week 4 

Monday - 1 hour hike
Tuesday - 64 oz water
Wednesday - 64 oz water
Thursday - 1 hour, 50 minute hike, 64 oz water
Friday - nada
Saturday - 50 minute swim, 64 oz water
Sunday - 40 minute run, 7 freggies

Week 4 Points = 30.5
SBBC Total Points = 116.5


  1. at least the mountains were pretty and white i guess? :)

  2. Courtney's comment stopped me from whining about the white stuff still falling

    Glad you enjoyed your vacation

  3. You and Steve find the coolest stuff to get into! I'm wishing you warm weather for the Heart and Sole this year! Did you hear that Pannell's is hosting a mile swim at Cave Run Lake this year!? In August!

    1. No I hadn't heard that - awesome! I did one a few years ago that was sponsored by the Y.



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