Sunday, March 10, 2013

65 Degrees + SBBC Week 1

Today was my first day back at the pool in 4 weeks.  A work trip to Asia and bronchitis have put quite a wrinkle in my training plan but I am now ready to get back at it.  

I showed up at the Y right at 10AM when they opened.  I quickly got ready & headed to the pool in hopes to get a lane before the morning rush.  When I opened the door I immediately noticed the pool looked different.  The water was super smooth & the color looked different.  There were 2 guards on the deck & they informed me the water temp was 65 degrees.  Apparently they had to drain the pool & refill it yesterday, I can only imagine why.   The water didn't have time to heat up to the balmy 80 degrees it normally is.

When they told me this I had a few thoughts run through my head.  One was, 'Humpf, well $hit, I haven't swam in 4 weeks & I am ready to get back in the pool, now what?'  My next thought was 'well, I have swam in 72 degree water without a wetsuit & it would be good to know what 65 degrees feels like.'   You know, because the triathlete/engineer in me LOVES data points!

So I decided, what the hell I am going to swim anyway.  Normally when I get in the pool I jump in & sink to the bottom then push back up.  Today when I jumped in it took my breathe away.  I had to hurry up & get back to the surface.  I then started to swim - I had to stop each 50 for the first few laps to catch my breath - it was so freaking cold.  I had 1500 yards on the schedule but thought I would just swim for as long as possible.  Stopping wasn't an option.  I lasted 18 minutes or 700 yards.  I was getting colder & decided to get out.

Now I know that if I ever show up to a race & the water is 65 degrees I better have my wetsuit.  I have swam in 72 degrees with no wetsuit & it was fine.  It's funny how big of a difference 7 degrees make.

Spring Bootie Buster Challenge

I signed up for the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge before I left in February.  It started this past Monday but with jet lag & bronchitis I am off to a slow start.  Fortunately I was feeling better this weekend & was able to get a few workouts in.

SBBC Week 1 

Monday - nada
Tuesday - 64 oz water
Wednesday - 64 oz water
Thursday - nada
Friday - nada
Saturday - 40 minute run, 64 oz water
Sunday - 18 minute swim, 60 minutes yoga, 7 freggies

Week 1 Points = 16
SBBC Total Points = 16

All SBBC participants received a pair of Lock Laces.  They arrived a few weeks ago while I was out of town but yesterday I finally put them on my running shoes.  I always use these types of laces but this is the first time I have used Lock Laces.  They are by far my favorite.  They were super easy to install & they come in lots of fun colors.  I think all SBBC folks received hot pink.  They would have looked better on my old New Balance shoes that are pink & yellow.

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  1. i cannot wait to hear about your trip to asia, that sounds amazing!

  2. I saw your link on the SBBC link-up -- I travel a lot for my job and know it can be a real challenge with training and jetlag. Good job getting the run and swim done - especially a cold swim!

  3. I feel like the only person on the planet who doesn't have a set of lock laces! HAHA! I need to get with the program!

    An Asia blog is a must! We're all waiting for some pics.

    I have to hand it to you on swimming in that water. I can barely get in the UK pool without acting like a total pansy. Seriously.



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