Sunday, March 17, 2013

Really? This is my next injury?!? Plus SBBC Week 2

My Wrist.  Who knew this position could be so painful?
Since my last injury I have been really trying to stay on top of my cross training.  Cross training that mostly consisted of Pilates, Yoga & other random cross training classes I would pick up at the Y.  

Starting in January I was trying to get more pushups & planks in as well.  I noticed my right wrist would occasionally hurt so instead of straight arm planks I changed it to forearm planks & dropped the pushups from the plan.  In yoga I was feeling the pain as well.  An occasional twinge during plank, chaturanga & downward dog.  

I took about 3 weeks off from these activities due to my trip.  During my first yoga practice after the time off the pain was even worse.  I was confused since I hadn't done anything to aggravate it that I was aware of.   Yesterday's yoga practice was horrible.  The pain got to the point I couldn't put any pressure on it.  I have no idea what happened.  Not sure how to proceed with treatment since rest seemed to make it worse.  I am thinking it may be a trip back to my ART practitioner.

Although it doesn't bother me when I swim, bike or run, yoga is the plan to keep the rest of me healthy.  The good thing with yoga is there are a million & one modifications to poses.  In the meantime, I will switch to weights to get my upper body workout.  

Week 2 of SBBC was marginally better than the first week.  The biggest problem these days is that I cannot seem to get enough sleep.  For me there are 3 possible reasons why - sick, depressed or allergies.  Looking at the calendar, not to mention the weather channel, it is most likely the later.  Oh well - I know from experience I should be all good by end of April. 

SBBC Week 2 

Monday - nada
Tuesday - 64 oz water, 45 minute swim, 20 minute run
Wednesday - 64 oz water, freggies
Thursday - 64 oz water, freggies
Friday - 64 oz water,
Saturday - 64 oz water, 40 minute run, 60 minute yoga
Sunday - 64 oz water, 50 minute swim, 75 minute spin

Week 1 Points = 16
Week 2 Points = 36.5
SBBC Total Points = 52.5


  1. I get achy wrists too when I try to do push ups or planks. I've had it ever since I was in high school that I can remember. I think it must be something in the way the wrist connects to the hand for some people. I can only do a few push ups or hold myself in a plank for a short amount of time and only do a few before I'm so sore I can't anymore. I kinda wondered if I was doing it wrong as well but heck, there are only so many ways to balance ones self ya know?? :)

  2. oh no that stinks! i hope your ART person can shine some light on it!

  3. Sorry to hear about your wrist. I hope it's nothing major that is wrong with it.



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