Sunday, March 22, 2015

Twofer Race Weekend

Race #1 of the Twofer:

Yesterday was the Railrunner 10 Miler & 5K.  It was originally scheduled 2 weeks ago but thanks to a foot of snow & 3 inches of rain the course was flooded out.   I won a race entry from 3 Way Racing at one of the West 6th Tuesday night runs.  I signed up for the 5K since there was no way I was in 10 mile shape.

Treacy, Audrey, Mary & Me
The forecast for race time was mid 40s & sunny.  I wore 2 long sleeved shirts & tights.  Too much.  I got really hot around mile 2.  I would have been fine with 1 long sleeved shirt & capris.  The course was really nice.  Both races were all on the RJ Corman property in Nicholasville.  There were some hills too.  I decided to wear my Newtons - big mistake.  My calves were crazy sore afterwards.  Should have stuck to my Hokas.

The 10 miler started at 9AM & the 5K at 9:05AM.  My favorite cheerleader, Steve, was back too.  This makes me happy.  It was weird not having him at my last race.  

Our run group was split between the 10 Miler & the 5K.  Once I started running I was very happy to only be doing the 5K.  I have been building my run / walk intervals since the first of the year & decided to run 1 mile, walk 1 minute for this race.  It worked well - I pushed hard but not too hard since I knew I had to run another 5K on Sunday.

5K Time: 30m24sec - 3/19 AG  <<------ Also read 3rd in Age Group!

This was the first time running this event & it was awesome.  The facility is great.  Indoor toilets, heated pavilion to hang out before & after the race.  Post race food - Gliers goetta sliders, Zaxby's chicken sandwich & Ice Cream.  All racers received a finishers medal.  The best part of the race is it benefits the Chrysalis House.  This event raised almost $6K for Chrysalis House.  Just Awesome.

Race #2 of the Twofer:

This morning was another early wake up.  It was the 2nd race in the Shelbyville Triathlon Series.  (Race #1 Report).  The 2nd race is a 400 yard swim, 12 mile bike & 3.1 mile run.  The weather was about the same as yesterday - low to mid 40s for race time so we were on for a tradition triathlon today.

Due to a miscommunication during registration the swim ended up being self seeded.  I was not too thrilled with that but it actually worked out well.  I self seeded around 9:30 and was only passed by 2 people.  I didn't pass anyone.  For the majority of the swim I had clear water.  I remembered that I forget to start my watch around 60 yards into the swim.  I started it mid stroke.  Didn't really matter since I somehow also messed up the multisport setting.  Oh well.

Swim Time: 9m25s  <<---- Pretty darn close to my 9m30s self seeded time

T1 felt like an eternity & it pretty much was.  My plan was to wear my BTC kit for the swim & then put cycling tights, a jacket & windbreaker on for the bike. It is not fun trying to put on clothes over wet skin.  I did the best I could & headed out to the transition area.  There I put on my socks, shoes, helmet & gloves.  I always feel discombobulated during the first triathlon of the season.  Even more so when it is cold & extra clothing is needed.

T1 Time: 3m37s

The bike was a 2 lap course.  The course was nice - mostly on small roads & on the shoulder of the bypass.  Traffic wasn't a problem & the roads were in good shape.  With all the snow & cold this winter I was concerned about pot holes.

The first half of the loop was into the wind.  I didn't realize that at first - I just thought I was painfully slow coming into my first race of the season.  This winter I did try to maintain my bike with lots of spin classes & time on the trainer.  The only outdoor rides were the last couple of weeks on the Legacy Trail.  I had no idea where my speed was going to be for this race.

When we finally turned I realized how windy it was because it felt like I was flying.  Since I had accidentally set my watch to swim I had no idea what my speed was and since I started it late I really didn't know where I was time wise.  Again, oops & oh well.

Bike Time: 41m40s (17.3 mph)  <<----- OK, wow, that was a surprise.  I ended the last season at Tri for Sight with a 17.1 mph ride so this was super shocking.  I really thought I was somewhere in the 15 mph range.  My data junkie self really wishes I didn't botch my watch settings since it would be nice to confirm the course was really 12 miles.  :-)

T2 was crazy slow too.  I was planning to wear my New Balance shoes that had the speed laces but after how sore my calves were this morning I switched to my Hokas.  These do not have speed laces yet so I actually had to tie my shoes in T2 - gasp!  I stripped off the wind breaker but left the jacket & cycling tights on for the run.

T2 Time: 2m10s

I decided my run/walk interval would be 3 minute run / 2 minute walk.   The Hoka's were the right call.  These shoes are really working great for me right now.

About 3 minutes into the run I had the sensation that my pants were falling down.  Well, that's because they were!  What make good cycling tights does NOT make for good run tights.  Every few minutes I had to pull them up.  I finally pulled them up & tucked them into my tri shorts which worked well enough to get me to the finish.

I followed my run/walk interval until the turnaround.  I decided to walk the hills instead & I think that worked well for me.  It meant more running but it did my calves good.

Run Time: 33m08s

As usual, when I was driving out to Shelbyville this morning I was wondering why, oh why do I do these races?  Can't I just train & be happy with that.  Well, of course after the finish the feeling is always the opposite.  I am so glad I signed up for this series.  It pushed me to train all winter when I would have been much more lax like previous years.  I think I am starting this season where I left off last season which is great.  Now if I can only stay injury free!

Total Time: 1h30m02s  <<---- Ugh, I totally could have run 3 seconds faster!

Age Group: 2 / 3 <<----- Hello, what!?  Another age group place?  OK, so the odds were pretty damn good today but still I am still digging it.

Me & Kimberly
Love the shirts, Love the functional awards!

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