Thursday, March 30, 2017

Perfect 10 Miler at Mt. Brilliant

Before I was diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer I had signed up for the Perfect 10 Miler on March 18th.  I had run the 10K last year & it was a beautiful course.  I wanted to maintain my higher run base throughout the winter & thought this would be a great race to keep me training.

My original plan was to start ramping up around the first of February & maybe even add a spring half marathon to the schedule.  Well, then 12/21 came along & plans changed.  I only had a basic idea what my treatment plan would be but no idea how quick or slow I would move through the process.  I decided to start my ramp up on the last Saturday of the year, 12/31. I put together the below plan & was able to stick to it with the exception of the week post surgery.

WeekTuesThuFriSat SunTotal
2/25/20171.5 (Was 4)4Rest5.3 (was 9)Rest4
3/11/20173Walk 2Rest10Rest13

After the surgery I did switch to a longer walk interval.  Pre-surgery short runs were on a 4 min run / 1 min walk interval & long runs were a 3 min run / 2 min walk interval.  The week after the surgery I walked the entire distance.  2 weeks post surgery I did a 4 min walk / 1 min run interval.  I had to use an ace bandage to keep the girls from bouncing. For my last long run I did a 4 min walk / 1 min run for 8 miles again with the ace bandage.  I felt pretty good until 6 miles then my legs were dead.   I believe that was a side effect of doing the 2 week food test.  The 2 week test will eventually get it's own blog post.  I originally planned to start the test after the Quarter Horse but decided to start it sooner.  I wanted to be done prior to starting radiation & since I had already reduced my run volume I didn't think it would hurt too bad. 

A March running event is always a toss up weather wise.  It could be cold/snowy, wet/windy, sunny/warm or any other combination. The morning started promising.  It was partly sunny in the low 40's.  My plan was to continue the 4 min walk / 1 min run for as long as I could. The first part of the race is on Huffman Mill Pike but the last 7 miles are within the horse farm.  The back half of the course is hilly & of course the wind picked up for the last 3 miles.  Thankfully there was no rain but man the wind was brutal.  I was also grateful that Audrey & I did the entire race together. 

After one last hill to climb I crossed the finish line 3 weeks post lumpectomy surgery.  FU cancer!

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