Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Stats / March Goals and a Cool Party Hat

Happy March!  I know I am not alone here but I am so ready for Spring.  Despite the worst Kentucky winter since moving here 10 years ago February was a pretty good fitness month.   I didn't hit all my numbers but that is mostly due to the time spent walking Sammie over 25 miles last month.  The majority of those miles were before work so it cut into my before work swim & weight workouts.  Wouldn't have it any other way!

February Recap

Swim: Goal - 13,600 Yards, Actual - 12,800 yards
Bike: Goal - 64 miles, Actual - 63.3 miles
Run: Goal - 40 miles, Actual - 40.75 miles
Walk: Goal - 0 miles, Actual - 25.4 miles
Weights/TRX: Goal - 8 sessions, Actual - 5
Yoga/Pilates: Goal - 2 sessions, Actual - 0
Races: Goal - 1, Actual -  1 - Frigid Fanny 4 Miler, 43m46s - 8/13 AG

February was the end of Run with Jess' Winter Miles challenge.  Total miles for this challenge was 113.  82 Running & 31 walking.

Frigid Fanny 4 Miler

Things I am looking forward to this month - Daylight Savings Time begins on March 9th.   Longer days.  Warmer temperatures - hopefully!  More rides outside - hopefully!  Run the Bluegrass 7 Miler.

Thanks to Toa & The Healthy Tipping Point blog I have a March challenge.  Ironman March.  Swim 2.4 miles, Bike 112 miles & Run 26.2 miles.  If the weather cooperates the bike miles should be a little easier to achieve this month.

March Goals

Swim: 14,400 Yards
Bike: 112 miles
Run: 50 miles
Weights/TRX:  8 sessions
Yoga/Pilates: 2 sessions
Races: 1 - This will be the Run the Bluegrass 7 Miler

Now for the Party Hat.   I took Sammie to get spayed & microchipped a few days ago.  I noticed last night that she pulled 2 of her stitches out so off to the emergency vet we went.  This stuff never happens when your usual vet is open.  The vet stitched her back up & sent her home with an awesome party hat.  This is wrong I realize but this has been hours of entertainment for us today.  She absolutely hates it & is so pitiful.  If only she listened to me.  I tried to warn her about the consequences of her actions but she didn't listen!

Sammie's Cone of Shame

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