Monday, August 27, 2012

August N2U CT Challenge - High 30 Xtreme

Yet again I wait until the last week to get my N2U challenge in.  Sunday I realized - crap the month is almost up!  Once again I was perusing the City Y group exercise options for the week.   To make it more challenging, the Y's shut down the group exercise rooms the 3 days before Labor Day so they can refinish the floors.  So that left me with Monday or Tuesday as options.

I settled on High 30 Xtreme at North Side Y.  I liked it since it was only 30 minutes, right next to work & the time worked for me.  Although a half hour before the class started I was really contemplating whether or not to go.  Work was in crazy rumor mode & I just wasn't really in the mood but I went anyway.  yay me.

Here is the definition of High 30 Xtreme—This is an invigorating non-choreographed class that provides a variety of cardio, strength, and endurance components using only your bodyweight. 

The class started off with a quick warmup of jumping jacks, knee ups & squats.  Then we went into the main sets.   We did 3 sets of each & each set was 20-30 seconds each.

The sets were jumping squats, forward & backward lunges, mountain climbers, some other jump exercise, something else I forgot, then we moved to pushups, another arm exercise that I forgot the name of, then some core work - crunches, planks & side planks.  We ended with a couple minutes of stretching.

By the mountain climbers sweat was pouring off me!  The class was awesome!  I loved the intensity & that it was only 30 minutes.  It is perfectly timed at 6PM so it is easy for me to get to.  This one will definitely be added to the rotation!

Sorry no pictures of me from class but here is a completely random picture!  It was taken on Memorial Day when the City Pools opened for the summer.  I am so sad that they are closing this weekend!  No more outside swimming until next year!  boo hiss!


  1. That picture sure does look inviting doesn't it!?

  2. That class sounds like a good workout (and a little like the Ripped in 30 I did last month). I've really enjoyed adding those types of workouts into my rotation. (Who knew?)

    And... that pool! Great photo! I might have to break out my swimsuit and go today. You've inspired me. :)



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