Saturday, October 6, 2012

September Stats / October Goals

September was a fun / crazy month.  I did a couple races, was the Van 2 navigator for the Chase the Cure Bourbon Chase team, not to mention work has been pretty intense.  I managed to get most of my workouts in although my main focus was to get all my runs in which I did.  

September Stats:
  • Swim (Goal/Actual) - 8 / 6 miles
  • Spin / Road (Goal/Actual) - 100 / 102 miles
  • Run (Goal/Actual) - 30 / 38 miles
  • Pilates Reformer (Goal/Actual) - 4 / 4
  • Yoga (Goal/Actual) - 4 / 1 
  • September N2U CT Challenge - Does the Bourbon Chase count?  I tried to take a new yoga class but the instructor was a no show then I ran out of time.  
  • Races (Goal/Actual) - 2 / 2 - Fight the Fight 5K & Tri for Sight
  • Rest Days (Goal/Actual) - 4-6 / 12!  This shocks me.  I took 12 rest days but still hit most of my mileage goals.  This was actually my highest mileage month this year.  
Total Miles = 146
Total Time = 23 hours

2012 Nike Go the Distance Challenge (Goal / Actual) - 200 miles / 85 miles 

Mary & Me at Fight the Fight 5K - She won her age group!
Steve won 2nd in Age Group!
Steve w/his Bourbon Chase Medal
Chase the Cure - Team 666
Steve & I took Joel from TriFatty to Cave Run Lake for his first open water swim to help him prepare for his first triathlon in Tennessee.  If you ever sign up for an open water swim triathlon, please, please do a practice open water swim first!!  Even if you are a strong swimmer - still get to the lake before your first race.  There is a huge difference between swimming in a clear pool following a black line versus swimming in dark murky open water.  Not to mention, 25 yards does not look intimidating but 1/2 mile in open water does.  Please trust me on this!!!  Joel ending up doing great.  Read about his open water swim HERE.  His race report should be up soon too.
Me & Joel post swim
I plan to start swimming with the local Masters Swim team on Sundays this month. This should help kickstart my swimming again. I am really looking forward to swimming at the UK pool again!

Here are my October goals:
  • Swim - 8 miles
  • Spin / Road - 100 miles
  • Run - 40 miles
  • Pilates Reformer - 4
  • Yoga - 4
  • October N2U CT Challenge - I hope to get 2 in this month since I missed September
  • Races - 1 - 5K not for sure which one but I am thinking the Black Cat Chase.  I will also be volunteering with Team in Training at the Iron Horse
  • Rest Days - 4-6
Happy October!


  1. looks like you both had really good months, i'm loving the bourbon chase medal!

  2. Hope you're having a great month so far in October-hard to believe it's already nearly halfway over.

  3. Well, now that it's almost the last day of October, I hope your goals panned out well for you for the month. Onward to November!!



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