Sunday, November 25, 2012

HBBC Week 1

This week started the HBBC Holiday Challenge.  The challenge runs through January 3rd.  I signed up in hopes to keep myself motivated over the holidays & not pile on the pounds.

The other thing that I started was Runners World #RWRunStreak.  Run at least 1 mile every day starting Thanksgiving through New Years.  Most days I will stick to 1 - 2 miles to see how I feel & hopefully it doesn't aggravate my hip.

Monday: 60 minute Spin class - 6 points, 7 Freggies (Fruits & Veggies - saw this on a HBBC post & thought it was a prefect abbreviation!  Of course I can't remember who so I can't give proper credit) - 1 point
Tuesday: 60 minute Swim - 6 points
Wednesday: 25 Mile bike ride w/Steve who happened to fix my flat at 5 mile along with my rear derailleur that we messed up when we re-installed the rear tire.  Fun times. - 8.33 points
Steve fixing my bike
Thursday: 3.5 mile run - Virtual Run for TNT (#RWRunStreak Day 1) - 3.5 points, 1.5 mile hike w/Steve in Red River Gorge - 1.5 points
Always too close to the edge
Friday: 1.05 mile run (#RWRunStreak Day 2) - 1 point , 75 minutes Yoga - 3.75 points
Saturday: 1.35 mile run (#RWRunStreak Day 3) - 1.35 point , 60 minutes Yoga - 3 points, 5 freggies - 1 point
Sunday: 2.5 mile run (#RWRunStreak Day 4) - 2.5 points, 55 minute swim - 5.5 points, 5 freggies - 1 point

Bonus Points:  HBBC Badge on Blog (2), Daily Facebook Check-in (7), family activity on Thanksgiving (2)

Week 1 Total Points = 56.43

My goal for next week is to eat 5-7 servings of fruit & vegetables daily.  In the winter it just isn't my go to food.  I much prefer heavier snacks this time of year.

In other holiday news - Courtney over at Third Time's a Charm is hosting the 2nd Annual Secret Santa Sock Swap.  I participated in it last year & was spoiled by my Secret Santa!  Check out my post HERE.  Looking forward to participating again this year!


  1. WTG on week #1, good luck with your fruits and veggies this week, I think this is a hard area for a lot of people!

  2. WoooHoooo!! Way to go during week one!! Erika shared the "freggies" term on Facebook. I now use it all the time! Here is to rockin' week 2!

  3. Great week 1!! I'm ready for another year of Courtney's sock swap :)

  4. great week andrea! i have no idea how to fix a flat, really need to get on that! thanks for sharing the swap!

  5. Way to go on week number 1! I'm working to meet the five fruits and veggies goal. Some days it is easier than others, mostly because I need to get my husband on board. It isn't that he doesn't like veggies, he just doesn't care about incorporating lots of fruits and veg into dishes so I need to work on being the champion for that!

  6. Great job on week 1! I'm looking forward to Courtney's sock swap too!



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