Saturday, September 27, 2014

Tri for Sight Race Report

This post is long over due.  Looking back I realized I never wrote a race report for this race last year either.  Hmmm.  Odd, since Tri for Sight was my first triathlon in 2009 and the race that has changed me forever.

Last year they move T4S to Spindletop from University of Kentucky campus.   In doing so, all legs are now shorter but it makes for a safer bike course.

The new T4S is a 400 meter swim, 12.9 mile bike & a 3.1 mile run.  This race still sells out which says a lot because most other area sprint triathlon numbers are down.  So the combination of lots of people, seeded swim & not being the faster swimmer makes for a long wait before starting my race.  I started my swim about 54 minutes after the first swimmer.   The first swimmers were already coming in off the bike when I was still waiting on the pool deck.  By the time I got out of the pool the winners were finished already and there were still folks on the pool deck.  It took ~85 minutes from first to last swimmer in the pool.

See that guy behind me?  He passed me around 100 meters, then slowed down just enough so I could dog him for a few laps & then I eventually passed him again on the last or second to last lap.  I passed the women in front of me around 50 meters but other than those 2 folks I had some great clear water.  I am pretty sure I seeded myself at 9m55s.  There is a 20 second interval between swimmers.  My swim time ended up at 10m09s which is within that 20 second window.  I know folks hate standing around for an hour but when everyone is seeded correctly the swim is so much better!

Ready, set.....
Remember that guy?  I am on inside lane.

Swim Time = 10m09s

Classy Ass Shot - I have one of these pics from every race I do that Steve is at.  Hmmm... 

T1 = 1m48s

Did I mention how perfect the weather was for this race?  It wasn't too chilly, not too hot but just right for racing.  Nice change compared to the week before in Danville.

The bike is an out and back with some rolling hills of course.  My bike split was faster than last year but not the fastest time I have done on this course.  This course is the same as the old Markey Tri course.

Bike Time = 45m30s

Sorry no ass shots in T2 - only because Steve didn't have the right angle :-)

T2 Time = 0m53s

Did I mention the weather was perfect for racing?  Oh and I remembered to take my inhaler on the bike which makes for a much better running experience.  These two things combined allowed me to shave over a minute off last years run time! Not too shabby since I have cut down my run mileage in favor of increasing my bike mileage.

Run Time = 30m16s

Total Time = 1h28m38s ---> A shiny new PR by just under 3 minutes!

40-44 Age Group Place = 11 / 19

Thanks to USAT rules I will age up to the 45-49 (yikes!) age group next year.

Free Pizza & Beer for Finishers?  Love.  

Me, Ruth & Audrey 
T4S Goodies - Love the West 6th T4S Finisher buff!
There is one more triathlon this season.  It is the Frogs Gone Wild tri in early November.  I plan to register soon for it.  Check out the bike course HERE - there is one doozy of a climb!

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