Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tri for Sight - 6th Edition

Tri for Sight is where it all started.  In 2009, I joined Team in Training to raise money & awareness for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society in memory of my Dad who lost his battle with Multiple Myeloma in 2006.  This year was my 6th Tri for Sight.  

This year T4S was the Sunday after we got back from our C&O bike trip.  I had no expectations on the swim or run.  I only swam once since the LaPorte Triathlon in August.  I did finally get that cortisone shot in my shoulder & it has seemed to help the pain.  I have had 2 pain free swims since the shot.  I still am not in the pool regularly but I am hoping that soon I can start swimming on a more regular basis.

A short lived cool front came in the day before the race so the weather was perfect.  Even had to put on a long sleeved shirt & vest to stay warm.

Transition Ready
Most of Team Steve - Becky, Steve, Me & Audrey
As usual, I had about an hour wait after the first swimmer before I started my swim.  My swim was still slow but I could at least pull with my right arm without pain. Overall the swim was fine, had some of the usual traffic but for the most part it was a clear swim.
Yay - finally lining up on the pool deck!
400m Swim time: 11m05s, 11/13 AG

T1 time: 2m01s, 3/13 AG

I was curious how the bike was going to feel.  On one hand I should be fast since that is all I did in August but on the other hand I knew I wasn't fully recovered from our trip.  Once on the road I could feel my legs were still fatigued.

There was a bike wreck on one of the curves which slowed most everyone down.  Thankfully the guy wasn't seriously hurt but they did have to call an ambulance & fire engine.  On my way back I chose to stop & let them go by.  The road was narrow & with bikes on both sides it was difficult for them to get through.  I probably lost about a minute doing this but if it was me I would hope folks would put their race aside let the emergency vehicles through.

12.6 mile Bike time: 45m31s, 6/13 AG

T2 time: 1m00s, 7/13

The run was an out & back. Doing a 5 minute run & 1 minute walk has been working out pretty well for me.  I was surprised the run felt really good.  I had done a brick a few nights before & it felt awful but it was still hot.  I think the cooler temperatures made a huge difference in comfort level.

5K Run time: 31m49s, 9/13 AG

Overall time: 1h31m28s, 9/13 AG


The oldest female finisher was 84 years old.  One of the TNT folks told me she has done hundreds of triathlons over the years.  I find this so amazing.  I really respect the men & women who are still competing well into their golden years. It did get me thinking of how many triathlons I have completed since I started this journey.  Not counting the year I did T4S as a relay, I have completed 26 triathlons since 2009. At this rate I will have completed 170+ triathlons when I am 84.  Sweet!

Next up: Gobble 1/2 Marathon in November

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