Sunday, July 28, 2019

Dix River Paddle

This was the third time we paddled the Dix River to Lake Herrington dam. Every time we have paddled it it has been a different experience due to rains & water releases from the dam.

One of the best put ins I have been to on the Kentucky River is at High Bridge boat ramp just above Lock #7.  It costs $4 per kayak to launch there but it is well worth it.  The guy that tends the ramp does a good job clearing the mud from the ramp which is always a challenge along the Kentucky river.

We got an early start at 9AM which was nice since it was still cool & shady.  From the High Bridge boat ramp it is about a mile paddle to the Dix River.  You will see the Dixie Belle docked on your right & will go under High Bridge before you get to the Dix River.  The Dix will be on your right.
Shaker Village Dixie Belle

High Bridge
The last time we paddled this route in 2017 the current was pretty swift.  Almost immediately when we turned into the Dix we crossed the debris area of where the Kentucky & the Dix meet.  This time the debris area wasn't for another 1.5 miles up the Dix.  The water coming off Lake Herrington is cold and on a hot day it is like paddling into a wall of air conditioning.  This trip we didn't get that same experience.  The water was warm & was murky for quite some time.  The flow rate was about 3500 cubic feet per second so the paddling was super easy & the reflections in the water were amazing.

Flat water today

Debris Area - Sticks, leaves, rootie-like things
At about 3.5 miles from High Bridge boat ramp you will run into small rapids that you will need to portage around.  It's a nice area to stop and take a break as well.  In 2017 when we paddled this stretch I could not make it to the rocks due to the current.  I also had a dog sitting on my kayak so that didn't help either.  Coming back from the dam you can paddle through it.  Super easy & fun.

Portage area

Palisade Reflections
Palisade Reflections
After getting back in your kayak it's another 1/2 mile to the dam which is the end of the line for this paddle.  The warning signs as you approach always get me.  I wonder what it would be like to be on the Dix when they release water?

The sign says you have 2 minutes after alarm sounds before the water releases

Such a good spot to cool off on a hot summer day
Me paddling the tiny rapid

The paddle back was a little faster since we were going with the current.  It took us about 3.5 hours total to paddle just under 8 miles at a leisurely pace.

High Bridge from the other side

High Bridge Boat Ramp

From 2017 - Captain Sammie

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