Sunday, May 13, 2012

Proof I am a Sinker

Below are a bunch of pictures from yesterday's open water swim at Cave Run Lake with Coy.  I had a good laugh as I was looking through these this morning.  Some people can tread water & make it look effortless.  Me on the other hand, even with a wetsuit, I look like I could go under at any moment.

If you can't recognize me, I am the one in the purple cap.  Also, I am the one that barely has their head out of the water.  
Help me - I am about to go under! 
Oh, never mind, I'm good.
Even using hands to tread water I am not that much higher 
Still looks like I could go under any minute
Hey look no hands - ooh, hope I don't sink, hope I don't sink!
Remember this one from my Oly last summer?

I am waving to Steve not kayak support
Maybe after the Iron Girl instead of learning flip turns I will practice not looking like I am about to drown.

Hope you had a good laugh y'all!


  1. The best part of the post is the "swim like a rock" tag!! Too funny! No human being is a sinker. It all boils down to technique and relaxation. One is never independent of the other. The good news is that if you get the technique, the relaxation will follow. Keep working like you have been and you'll get it!

    1. Thanks Duckie! What is weird is that I don't remember feeling tense or anything. I didn't realize how low I was until I was looking through these pictures. I don't think I will ever run out of things to improve on when it comes to swimming!

  2. I don't know. I am totally a sinker too. I have been "practicing" floating in the pool, and am an utter failure at it. I can relax so much that I feel like I am going to sleep on my back in the pool, holding a float between my legs. Then, as I slowly let it go, I slowly start to sink, and then end up in a semi-upright position. Let me know if you figure out what works.

  3. Oh my gosh, these are great pics!! HAHAHA! Saturday was the coolest day for me! It was almost like learning to walk for the first time! :) A HUGE thanks to you and Steve for a great morning! I loved it!

  4. Found your blog through Karen's Irongirl recap - "I will practice not looking like I am about to drown" had me laughing out loud so I had to comment.



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