Sunday, May 27, 2012

May N2U CT Challenge - Zumba Tone

Kim over at (Just) Trying is for Little Girls is the host of the '2012 New to You' Cross Training Challenge 

So it feels like forever since I have done a N2U CT post.  I did the April challenge so early in the month & May flew by with my focus being on the IG.  It was a bit of a challenge this last week to find something that fit my schedule & wasn't cancelled due to the holiday.  

I initially wanted to do Aqua Zumba last week but it was cancelled due to the instructor being out of the country.  Then I was thinking of trying the new summer boot camp in Triangle Park but that doesn't start until the 30th which was cutting it a little close so I settled on Zumba Tone for my May N2U CT Challenge.
I am not really coordinated.  I have no rhythm.  I can't move my legs one way, my hips another & have my arms doing something else without looking like a complete nimrod.  I seem to only be able to focus on either my upper or lower body so this was definitely going to be a challenge. 

There was only 3 other ladies that showed up besides the instructor.  Honestly, being 5PM on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend I was expecting the class to be cancelled.  Fortunately all of us were new to Zumba Tone so I wasn't going to be the only one having issues.  

At the beginning of class the instructor handed each of us a shoebox.  Inside the box were shake weights.  Perfect blogger fodder.  I quickly snapped a picture & then handed my camera to one of the other ladies & asked her to take a picture.  She looked at me like I was nuts but took the picture anyway.  
ooohh, shake weights
Shortly after putting away the camera we started our warmup.  Nothing complicated so far.  After the warmup is when it started getting challenging.  Lots of moves with your feet doing a little jig, your hips doing some rotating thingy & of course the arms getting some action too.   By the time I started to get the movement we were on to the next one.  

I realized today that I have a hard time staying focused.  It's no surprise that I like things like swimming, biking & running.  These are all very repetitive & don't take a lot of brain power which is good because I tend to zone out.  So I am sure it was amusing when the instructor had moved on to the next moves & I was still on the last one because I wasn't paying a lick of attention.  

I think the class was OK.  For me, I would have to do this a hundred times before getting the hang of it. I was surprised by the music selection.  It was a wide range of styles & pretty cool.   The instructor said you can burn up to 800 calories during a 1 hour class which I am sure I did not.  I barely broke a sweat.  The moves are so stinking fast that I just couldn't keep up with it most of the time & at times I ended up making up my own little jig so I would feel like I was getting in a workout.  

Bottom line, this isn't for me but at least now I can say I tried Zumba!  Thanks Kim!


  1. Oh, I still want to try it!! One of these days... way to go for trying something new!

  2. I have never Zumba'ed...and I've never used shake weights. I'm like you...repetitive, mindless, requiring-little-coordination is preferable! LOL Good for you for going outside of your CZ :)

  3. I'm right there with you on preferring repetition over activities that require coordination (there's a reason we love running and swimming, right???)

    But I have a feeling Zumba will also be one of my new-to-you challenges this year. It's so far out of my comfort zone, I feel like I *have* to try it.

    Thank you for making Zumba seem less scary!



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