Saturday, May 12, 2012

Week 5 of Iron Girl Training and Seasons First OWS

I had a good training week.  I am cautiously optimistic that the bike adjustment was the source of my pain the bum.  Nina & I rode 18 miles last Tuesday & I had no pain during or after the ride.  No issue during Friday's run either.  Woot!

Today Coy & I, along with our kayak support Steve & Luis, headed out to Cave Run Lake for the seasons first open water swim (OWS).  Actually, it was Coy's first open water swim.  She is doing Memphis in May next weekend & wanted to get some time in the dark murky water before race day.

There is a no boat area next to the Cave Run dam that has buoys every so often which makes it a perfect area to swim. The air temp was about 73F when we started.  The water temp was 70F.  We both had sleeveless wetsuits & besides the initial shock when we first got in the water felt great.

We started out swimming to each buoy & then taking a break.  It always takes me a little bit to get into a rhythm of sighting & breathing.   We kept swimming that way until the last buoy, about .45 miles out.  When we turned around we had to swim into the waves...just baby waves from the boats...nothing like St. George waves but it still made it a little more challenging to sight & breath.

We swam a little more continuously on our way back.  It seemed like in no time we were at the last buoy & swimming back to shore.  It felt great to swim without the lane line.  Sure, open water can be challenging but to me it felt like an awesome soul cleansing.   It just made me happy.

At the 1/2 way point
As an added bonus to the day, Coy & Luis took us to see some newborn foals on our way home.  They are just so sweet!

This one is a day old

This one was only a 5 hours old
That was definitely the highlight of the week.  Now here is how the rest of the week went.

Sunday - C25K - W7D3, Yoga
Monday - Swim 2200 yards, Pilates Reformer
Tuesday - C25K - W8D1, Ride - 18 miles
Wednesday - Swim 2100 yards
Thursday - Rest
Friday - C25K - W8D2
Saturday - OWS - 0.9 miles

One more week until Iron Girl.

That's just crazy y'all.

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  1. Good luch for your race. Can't wait to read about it!!

    And I totally get the calm and peace feeling during an open water swim...



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