Saturday, August 25, 2012


Honestly, I had no idea there was such a thing as sympathy cards for your pet.  It makes sense, I just never thought about it.  This week I was so touched by all the well wishes received via this blog, Facebook, tweets & yes, sympathy cards.

From Natalie, Rian, Maggi, Mary & Don
We even received one from our vet.  What really touched me were the sweet messages from all the staff.  Even more unexpected, the paw prints!   FYI - If you are in Lexington & need a vet, go to Southland Vet.  They are the most caring group of individuals!  Without a doubt, Dr. Milli gave Karma a couple extra years with her treatment plan.
From our Vet

Lots of kind comments from my FB peeps
Another amazing thing were the folks that made donations to Beagle Freedom Project & Beagle Rescue League in Karma's memory.   Both organizations are dedicated to finding retired research beagles fur-ever homes.  This is very close to my heart because Karma was a retired medical research dog from University of Wisconsin.  Natalie, Rian & Maggi - Thank you!

I had yet another emotional moment while picking up Karma's ashes on Tuesday morning.  Not going to lie - the whole ashes thing creeps me out.  Before picking them up I wanted to take them to Zilpo hiking trail & spread them in one of her favorite hiking places.  Surprisingly, once home with her ashes, I am OK & not creeped out by the fact she is sitting on the fireplace mantel in a box.  It is very possible I am now just nuts.

Picking up the ashes wasn't the emotional bit.  What about turned me into a weepy mess again was when they told me there was a ceramic paw print included.  My response, 'Seriously?!  Karma's paw print? That will throw me over the edge if I look at that right now.'  I waited until after work so Steve & I could look at it together.

Today when I walked out of the grocery store there was a mobile canine adoption unit in the parking lot.  I walked over & petted all the doggies but there was no sweet beagles so I left.  When I later told Steve he said 'thank god!' I laughed since no doubt if they did have a beagle, I would surely have scooped it up to take home with me.

Steve is not ready for a new dog & neither am I really but when the right one comes along it will be hard to resist.....


  1. WOW! Again with the tears. You have so eloquently expressed your grieving process. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Duckie - I was a bit worried this post would be too over the top for some but it is helping get through the process. I just registered for a 5K next Saturday so I have something to blog about besides puppies at the rainbow bridge!

  2. Yup, totally made me cry, too - the card and the paw print. But that's ok... it just makes me feel like I'm grieving with you. I think it's very telling how much people cared about Karma - and care about you and Steve. Thanks for sharing!

  3. oh my gosh, the paw print got me too! we used southland vet when we were in lex.



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