Tuesday, April 9, 2013

3 Bike Lengths Plus SBBC Week 5

Saturday I went out for a training ride & run on the Heart & Sole triathlon course.  There were about 14 others previewing the course.  For quite a few of us it was our first outdoor ride of the season.

I have a time trial bike so I usually take the 3 bike length rule pretty seriously since the reaction is slower especially if I am in aero.  Around Mile 3 we were on a decent going a little over 20 mph. There were 4 cyclists ahead of me riding close together when I saw one start wobbling.  I thought maybe they hit a pothole & got a flat.  All of a sudden I saw one go down, then another and another and another.  Four total were involved in the crash.  I was able to slow down & go around them.  As I went by one of the guys was screaming like crazy - it was pretty scary.  I hopped off my bike & immediately dialed 911.   What I suspect happened is he locked up his front brake & flew over the others & hit hard.  He was only 16 & pretty freaked out as were the rest of us.   As it turns out everyone just had scrapes & bruises.  No serious injuries.  Thank goodness.

What caused the crash?  The wobbly cyclist's rear tire came off.   A really good reminder to check your bike out before hitting the roads!  AND always wear your helmet.  One of the girls helmet cracked on impact!  Always wear your helmet!!

SBBC Week 5 

I started a 3 week Metabolic Boost & surprisingly it is going great.  I will post the full details at the end of 3 weeks but it definitely helped me get my freggies in!

Monday - 45 minutes swim & 1 hour Cycle You, 64 oz water, 7 freggies
Tuesday - 35 minute run, 64 oz water, 7 freggies
Wednesday - 1 hour Pilates, 64 oz water, 7 freggies
Thursday - 38 minute run, 64 oz water, 7 freggies
Friday - 45 minute swim, 64 oz water, 7 freggies
Saturday - 65 minute Bike, 45 minute run, 64 oz water, 7 freggies
Sunday - 45 minute swim, 2 hour Kayak trip, 64 oz water, 7 freggies

Week 5 Points = 69.8
SBBC Total Points = 186.3

First Paddle of the Year with the Girls


  1. I would have freaked out! I can't believe that wreck but happy that everyone's ok. Looks like the weather is starting to turn in our favor for Cave swimming! :)

  2. I am so glad to hear that everyone was ok, how freaking scary. I am on a bike team, we ride together all the time and we are a tight net group of riders, we all trust each other, so much so that our paceline, we are literally less than a foot off each others tires, I try not to think about it, but riding that close, it is not going to be pretty in something happens.



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