Thursday, May 5, 2011

Time Trialing

Tonight was the first BTC time trial of the season.   We did 3 laps around Bethel Loop.  I did this once last year when I still had my hybrid and needless to say I wasn't the fastest in the group.  Due to a crazy work schedule last summer I was never able to get back to ride the remaining TT's.

This year I am really trying to improve my bike speed and this is a perfect way to do that.  You never go as fast as you can when you are alone as you do in a race environment.  When you are getting passed (which I do a lot) it just pushes you to step it up.  Also, when I am alone I tend to zone out after awhile & don't even realize I am slowing down.  Tonight there was no chance of zoning out!

There were a total of 19 riders.  My goal was to average 18 mph.  Each lap is 4.25 miles & we did 3 laps.  We were seeded by our estimated speed so I ended up starting first.  Every 30 seconds the next rider started. 

Here are my stats:
Lap 1 = 18.6 mph
Lap 2 = 18.7 mph
Lap 3 = 19.0 mph
Average = 18.8 mph

I was really pleased with my time.  I am still learning how to pace myself & not fizzle out at the end so I was really happy to see that I gradually picked up the pace. 

How did I rank against the other 18 time trialers?  DEAD LAST!  And that is OK because these athletes are just amazing.   The fastest guy averaged 25.0 mph & the fastest girl averaged 21.7 mph. 

After a little cool down I rode back to the car to put away my bike & gear.  Well, in typical Andrea fashion I unclip left & lean right.   I have no idea why I continue to do this but I can normally unclip the right really fast before I fall on my a$$.  NOT tonight!  My legs were so tired from the ride that I just couldn't unclip fast enough.  Luckily, I landed in nice soft grass which is much better then landing on ashphalt.  Unfortunately, the ego doesn't care if you fall on grass or asphalt.  It hurts either way!!  I do find it really funny.  I am pretty sure I looked like a turtle on its back waving my legs in the air.  Oh well, hopefully that was the last time I do that this year!

After I dusted myself off & put my bike on the rack I handed out about 20 aquaphor samples.  Everyone was happy to get them.
Still smiling
Overall it was a great time & I am looking forward to the next TT.


  1. I'm impressed by you!! I don't think I would have the guts to do a tt but now maybe I will.

  2. Thanks Ginger! Becky - Yes, TTs can be intimidating since these attract serious folks. I am trying not to focus on that. My main objective is to increase my speed & confidence on the bike. TT's will definitely do that! Fortunately, our club is really welcoming & there are a few women that come out which helps a lot. You should try one if you get the chance!

  3. I may have to come out there for a time trial. If I show up, you can rest assured that I'll take that last place from you....

    Stephanie's last blog post: Two Half-Marathons - #2

  4. Stephanie - you should come out! The group is awesome & who cares what place we come in. As long as we are having fun & improving against ourselves that is all that matters. :-)



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