Friday, June 24, 2011


Since 2009 I have done 6 sprint triathlons.  This year I decided to step it up to the next distance.  For the first time I am also following a training plan.  I am currently in week 2 of the Time Crunched Triathlete Olympic training plan.  Since April 5th, I have been averaging 40 - 70 miles a week.  The current training plan will peak somewhere around 90 miles per week.   Not a big deal to some but a really big deal for me.  I have never consistently put in that many miles before.

Since starting this oly training cycle my legs have felt dead & I have been mildly lethargic. I just chalked it up to adding more miles.  In some of my cycle & run workouts I have started to experience more cramping than usual.  Nothing major, but every so ofter during a workout I would feel my calf or stomach twinge up.  Since starting my endurance journey I have had relatively good success with gatorade or gels and water.

Today my training plan said to run 45 minutes followed by a 1500 swim.  After work I head over to Shillito park & run 2 laps around their trail.  2 laps is about 4.6 miles.  Before & after the run I had a gel.  The run felt pretty good overall.  I then head over the pool to start my warmup & was feeling the beginning of some serious cramps.  I felt a stitch in my stomach, my calves, hamstrings & arches were cramping on & off.  I decided to keep on going to see if they would work themselves out.  After the warm up I started my drills & that is when my cramps started in full force.  At the wall I would try to stretch them out which helped momentarily.   I then started my first 400.  Since there was no one else in the lap lanes I decided to practice my snake swim. About 270 m into it I had the granddaddy of all cramps!  I had to stop & hop my way to the other end of the pool.  My left leg was so cramped up I couldn't even feel the bottom of the pool.  Wow, never in my life have I cramped up so bad.  At that point I decided to scrap the rest of my workout & call it a day. 

After I got home I started thinking that maybe the fact that I am a really salty sweater and I eat a low sodium diet isn't going to work for me anymore.  Duh, duh, duh

Thanks to Ginger, one of my Aquaphor teammates I will soon be trying out Recovery e21.  After this evenings swim, I am looking forward to their arrival!


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