Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Light Show, a Triathlon & an Engagement - All before 9 AM

Sunday was my 3rd triathlon of the season for Team Aquaphor.  Up until Friday I was really looking forward to this local race.  What happened Friday?  Well, that was the day I had the granddaddy of all cramps during my swim workout.  Not just one, not two, multiple all over my body.  Initially I thought I would be able to swim them out but no such luck. I cut the workout short after 700m.  Saturday my body felt like it had been run over by a truck.  Virtually every muscle in my body from my butt to my feet was sore.  I really was contemplating not doing this race.  By Saturday night I decided to sleep on it & decide in the AM.

Before the rain with Mary & Treacy

At 4:30am my alarm goes off & I didn't feel like getting up.  I mean really, who does like getting up at 4:30am?  Anyhoo, I get up & make some coffee.  I decide to pack up my gear & make the race decision when I got to Spindletop.  By the time I get to transition I am feeling good enough to race which I figured I would.  The only problem it was lightening like crazy & a big 'ole storm was moving in.  I got my transition area set up, put a garbage bag over my gear & then head for shelter. After about 45 minutes or so, the storm moves out.  We were able to start the race about 30 minutes late.  
Waiting out the storm with Allison, Leila & Mary
At about 7:30 the first swimmer starts.  It is a 400 m pool snake swim.  At registration, you fill in your 400m time so they can seed you accordingly.  One swimmer jumps into the pool every 10 seconds.  Normally this isn't a big deal if everyone is seeded correctly.  I timed myself a couple weeks ago & put in 11:30 for my time.   Yes, I know, I am a slow swimmer.  I have no problem going the distances I just go very slow.  The problem with this is that it puts me in the back of the pack where some people don't really know how fast they can swim or thought they could swim but really can't since they haven't done it for...like...ever.  Because of this I ended up in a pack of water joggers.  YES, WATER JOGGERS.   I mean really, if you are going to water jog, do the du.  They offered one!  Please don't get me wrong, I have no problem if someone has to take a break but seriously, isn't water jogging forward progression?  They don't let you pull yourself along the lane lines so why can you water jog?  Ugh, sorry, end rant now.  So needless to say my swim was even slower than my usual slow swim.  I had about 25m of clear water to stretch out but the rest of it I was just swimming behind a pack of water joggers.  Oh yeah, I got passed by water joggers too.  I mean seriously, I could of water jogged the whole way too & gotten a faster time but that would not be a swim leg that would be a run leg.  Sorry, I regress.  By the last 25m there were about 8 guys, oh, yeah they were all guys water jogging, I forgot to mention that.  Lame.  Shoot, there I go again.  Anyhoo, I finally gave up & had to water jog myself for the last 25m because of the cluster they caused.  Who knows, maybe it was only one swimmer clogging the toilet that forced us all to water jog.  Mental note - next year fib on the swim time...just a little.  400 m swim time = 11:51 (AG 9/13)

Finally hopped out of the pool & took off for transition.  I got there early so I was able to rack my back right at the Bike In / Bike Out.  T1 time = 1:09 (AG 2/13)

The bike was 13 miles out & back.  The roads were wet which honestly I was glad since I knew I would go easy on them which I needed to do because of Friday.  We had a nice tail wind for the first 6.5 miles.  On the way back it was good & windy with the bonus of a heavy drizzle.  All in all, the bike leg was fine.  Actually, it was exactly what I needed.  Bike Time = 45:11 (AG 4/13)

T2 was uneventful as well.  T2 = 0:53  (AG 3/13)

Swapped out my shoes & headed out for the run.  The first 1/2 mile or so was on grass.   Again, I wanted to go easy on the run & this forced me to do it.  My lower calves & arches were very tight on the run, especially my left leg which suffered the worst of the cramps on Friday. The middle 2 miles were on the roads & the final 1/2 mile was back on the grass.  I didn't wear a watch today so I had no idea what my pace was.  Not a spectacular run but felt pretty good considering.  5K Run time =32:13 (AG 9/13)

My goal time before Friday was 1:30:00.  My goal this morning was to finish.  My actual time = 1:31:19 (AG 7/13.  Either I didn't back off as much as I thought or if I was feeling fresh I could have blown away my goal.   

After the race, I changed clothes, handed out a few Aquaphor samples & then hung out with the gang. 

The coolest thing of the morning happened at the finish line.  One of our local Team in Training girls, Allison Harris, was greeted by her boyfriend at the finish who then got down on his knee & proposed to her.  If you know Allison, this.was.the.most.perfect.proposal.ever!  Congratulations Allison!!!

Last but definitely not least, a BIG SHOUT OUT to all the awesome volunteers & organizers of the race.  Sunday was not a good day to be a volunteer with all the rain & wind.  They make these races great and they do it with a smile.    This was an extremely well organized event & even though the weather wasn't perfect it was a great day to be a triathlete!

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