Sunday, July 10, 2011


Some of you already know that I am a Groupon junky.  I purchase just about every massage that Groupon offers.  About 2 weeks ago they offered an Ashiatsu massage at the The Massage Center in Dudley Square.

What exactly is Ashiatsu massage?   According to
"Ashiatsu" literally means foot (ashi) pressure (atsu) in Japanese.  Yep, I paid someone to walk all over me!  And honestly, it was one of the best massages I have ever had.  

Like most massages you go sans clothes.  They keep you modestly covered up with a sheet although this was the first one I have had that involved a half moon pose if you get my drift.   

She started with my upper back & shoulders.  Before hand we joked about someone coming in with with big 'ole work boots & some nasty feet.  Fortunately this wasn't the case.  She had nice soft feet.  I guess that makes sense, you wouldn't get a lot of repeat business if you didn't.  After a few minutes working on my back she called me 'ropey'.  Hmmm, never been called that before. 

Next she had me put my arm behind my back.  This made me really nervous because of all the issues I have had with my shoulders.  Surprisingly it felt really good.  I could actually feel my back loosening up.  

She then moved to my legs.  She did a similar thing with my leg that she did with my arm.  With the leg bent she proceeded to walk on my IT band.  WOW, I have never had anyone walk on my IT band before & holy smokes did that a hurts so good type of way.  I have been having some pain in my right hip from the increased cycling distances.   It is now a few hours after the massage & my hip is not hurting at all.  I can rotate it all around with no pain.  Nice!

After about 45 minutes she had me flip over on to my back where she worked on my neck for a while....this time with her hands.  She found some really tender areas in my neck including a muscle knot.  She worked on that for a while and the good news is my upper back/neck have more mobility now than when I went in.  Hopefully it will last more than a few hours!

Overall, this has been the best Groupon massage to date.  I will most certainly being going back.  If you are in Lexington, her name is Leslee Garman & she can be found at The Massage Center

Here is an actual picture of the ceiling contraption.  I wish I could have seen her in action!

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