Thursday, March 22, 2012

Total Immersion Workshop - 4 Week Update

It has been close to 5 weeks since I took the 2 day Total Immersion workshop.  I have diligently been doing the drills as prescribed.  The first 4 weeks were spent doing 80% drills & 20% swim.  For the past 4 weeks I have not swam further than 50 yards without taking a break.  These 2 things were really difficult to adhere to but thankfully I am now into week 5.

According to Leah, the TI instructor, the next 3 months should be spent doing 50% drills & 50% swim.  Consecutive swimming should not exceed 200 yard before taking a break.  A break can be 10 seconds or longer.  Also, speed work is not suggested.  The focus is still on form & when tired form falls apart.  This is definitely true in my case.  I think this will be a much easier plan to follow.

Last Sunday I did the following workout:

WU - 800 yards
                   50 yd swim, 50 yd drill.  Drills including skate, shark fin & shark fin switch.
MS - 500 yards - 10 x 50 yards
                   2 x 50 yd swim, 1 x 50 yd drill, 2 x 50 yd swim, 1 x 50 yd drill, 2 x 50 yd swim, 1 x 50 yd
                   drill, 1 x 50 yd swim
CD - 200 yards
                  100 yd free, 100 yd back
Total - 1500 yards

I swam the 50 yard frees moderately hard.  Not a full out sprint.   I was able to swim all 50's in 1:03 - 1:07.    This is a solid 7 to 11 seconds faster than my pre-swim clinic 50 yard times.  My stroke rates were 21 -22 per lap.  I was pretty happy about that.

Honestly, this is a big relief.  I won't lie that there was a part of me that was concerned I was putting in all these hours in the pool & wouldn't be any faster.

The next 3 weeks I am going to loosely follow the swim workouts in the 6 week triathlon plan.   Heavy focus on drills & form.  Also, I want to reduce my stroke rate to be consistently under 20 while maintaining my 50 yard speed.

I will post another update after I go to the video analysis workshop on April 1st.

A few other fun things happened this week.

1) Karma is doing great.  She is peppy, eating good & just looks much, much better!  2) I received my Tough Chik kit!  I will post pictures of this soon.  3)  I was accepted to be a  2012 Clif Bar Ambassador.   I will get a team kit along with lots of Clif Bar samples to give out at training sessions this summer.  

I am looking forward to sporting both of my new kits!

This Saturday is Steve & my 5th year anniversary.  It is crazy how fast time flies!

Hope is well with y'all!

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  1. I was telling a friend at Masters Swim last night about how hard it's been for me to make the transition from swimming the wrong way to swimming the right way. It takes a lot more strength to do a correct pull than it does that half pull thingy I was doing before. I get fatigued much quicker. It can be a bummer but in the end I'm guessing it pays off :)

    Happy Karma is better! :)



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