Sunday, March 25, 2012

March N2U CT Challenge - Barre Amped

This months challenge is courtesy of Pete's Deal.  How I love a good deal!  I purchased this deal back in February thinking it would be perfect for the March challenge.  The deal was 3 Barre Amped classes for $30.

I have gone to 2 classes so far.  Each with a different instructor.  The location is pretty cool.  Kind of an industrial / artsy part of town.  It is a loft space & they have remodeled pretty nice.

Both times I went to the Sunday 2:30 class after swimming.   The class size was reasonable at about 5 or 6 students.  The hour long class moves quickly through a set routine of movements hitting all the major muscles groups.

After a quick warmup they take you through a arm weight routine.  If think using 2 pound weights would be easy peasy think again.  Some of the movements are so small you don't even think it is possible they are doing anything but after a few reps you know they are.  By the end of the arm routine my muscles were crying for mercy.

After the arm weights routine, which lasts about 10 minutes, you grab a small ball & move to the barre.  The exercises are split between on your feet and on the floor.  A lot of the leg movements are done while you are up on your toes.  That is crazy hard.  It makes my calves scream & threaten major cramping.

After the leg routine, next up is a tough ab routine complete with planks, boats, a couple different types of  pushups among other things.  If you make it through this you are rewarded with some nice stretching.

This class is a great overall body workout.  For me it was very challenging & I left feeling like I worked hard.  I had mild soreness after the first class.

The only drawback is that they had the music so loud that you couldn't hear the instructors cues.  Both instructors talked the entire time so I think they want you to hear them.  The space is a loft & it echoes pretty bad.  I asked one of the other ladies if she could here what they were saying & she said no.   Makes me wonder if the instructors even realize it.  I just positioned myself where I could see the instructor & it worked out fine.

Overall, I would recommend taking this class.   You will get a great workout for sure!


  1. I've heard that the class is really difficult!

  2. This is exactly what I envisioned with New 2 U! Love that you tried this. My big challenge tomorrow is Zumba, and I am totally freaking out.



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