Saturday, April 21, 2012

Week 2 Atlanta Iron Girl Training & A Pet Peeve

Week 2 of 6 went marginally better than last week.  Monday morning I had a 6 month follow up with my allergist & found out I had a bad sinus infection.  I was sent home with 10 days of anti-biotics & 5 days of steroids.   Overall, I felt better this week but had lots of sinus congestion & a little bit of fatigue.

Here is how week 2 went:

Sunday:  Run (C25K W5D1), 1 hour Spin
Monday: Swim 2000 yards, (skipped Pilates Reformer)
Tuesday: Run (C25K W5D2), Yoga
Wednesday: Run (C25K W5D3), Bike 15.5 miles on Legacy Trail
Thursday: Swim 1500 yards
Friday: Swim 2100 yards
Saturday: Scheduled Rest day

The drama of the week came during our ride on the Legacy Trail Wednesday when I almost ran over a dog.   Big, big pet peeve of mine - People walking their dogs off leash while wearing headphones on the trail.  Seriously?!  The dog was a terror terrier of some sort, maybe a jack russell.  As I started to pass on the left the dog (which I didn't realize was off leash) bolted out at my front tire.  The dog was behind the 2 owners who were blissfully ignorant.   I yelled something like 'GET YOUR DOG' & when they didn't immediately turn around I then yelled 'WHOSE DOG IS THIS?' as I was passing them.  That is when I noticed they both had headphones on.   They heard/saw me then & when I looked back they were wrestling their dog to the ground.  Again, seriously?!  Put a leash on that thing!!!  Nina saw it all from behind & as she went by she reminded them of the Lexington Leash law.

Moral of the story - if you are going to walk your dog (or child for that matter) on a mixed use trail STAY ALERT to your surroundings.   These trails are awesome for everyone (walkers/runners/bladers/cyclists) but we all have to be considerate of each other.  I really, really, really don't want to run over your dog!

In other news this week, Steve & I received our new Road ID's this week.  Our old ones were the velcro style & we had worn them so much that they didn't stay on very well anymore.  This time we both got the Wrist ID Slim that slide on over your wrist.  This style allows you to interchange the bands which I was all over.  I got 4 different colored bands to match my different race kits.  Steve stuck with the traditional black.  These come in very handy for the first responders especially if crash when you run over someone's dog on the trail.  On both of ours we have our names, city, 2 ICE contacts & general medical info.

Train safely y'all!


  1. people are so oblivious! i'm glad you're okay!

  2. I'm always so strict with keeping our dogs on their leash on trails and moving to the side when other people come by. It drives me crazy when other people don't do the same and at least keep their dogs away from us and ours.



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