Saturday, June 23, 2012

GPS Watch by Bia - Offers New Level of Security

I wanted to write a post about this cool new watch a few weeks ago when I first read about it on SBM's blog but life got hectic & the blog took a back seat.

When I first read about Bia's new GPS sports watch on Kickstarter earlier in June there were 2 things that resonated with me.  1) Women were behind this amazing new product & 2) The Safety Alert.

Since first reading about Bia a women in my home state of Kentucky was murdered during her pre-dawn run.  Absolutely tragic.  It scares the crap out of us female runners that regularly got out alone - myself included.  I try to get out with groups as often as I can but that doesn't always fit my schedule.  So when something like this happens it stops us in our tracks & makes us think.   Some of us stop running alone but a good portion will continue to do those solo workouts - myself included.

SUAR wrote a post about for us ladies that will continue to run alone.  In her post earlier this week she has some excellent suggestions to stay safe out there.   Read it HERE.

If I had read about Bia after this horrible tragedy I am pretty sure the order would have changed.  In fact the only thing I may have noticed was the Safety Alert.  No other watch offers a safety alert.  As a runner & cyclist that often goes out alone this really jumped out as an MUST HAVE feature in a watch.

Some of the other unique features of this watch:

SBM wrote another great post about Bia earlier this week.  Check it out HERE.

Bia announced some new features this week.  One is a Run Naked mode & the other is Jeff Galloway Style Run/Walk mode.  This second feature jumped out at me because I am a run/walker. That is how I have gotten through several half marathons.  To have this feature native to the watch & super simple to setup makes me happy!!  No more setting up the workout on the PC, then synching to the watch, then trying to pick the correct workout.  Ugh - such a pain in the bum.

It didn't take too long to make the decision to be a Bia backer.   In fact, I went big.  I want to be an early tester.  Being an engineer & having used Polar & Garmin watches in the past I feel I have a lot  of experience to compare to.  Also, I am a multi-sport athlete & will be putting this bad boy through its paces.  My husband is currently evaluating the new Suunto watch so between both of us we think we can give some great feedback to the engineers at Bia.  SO EXCITED!

If you like what you have read please consider becoming a backer.  There are many different reward levels.  You can be a backer with as little as $1 or you can go huge & be a one of a kind backer.  Becoming a backer was super easy.  It is linked to your amazon account.  If they don't reach their goal by July 13th you won't be charged.

Go HERE to see the Bia video & to read more about this amazing new watch for woman AND men too!

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