Sunday, December 16, 2012

N2U CT Challenge - CycleYOU Plus HBBC Week 4

CycleYOU is my 2nd N2U CT Challenge of the month.  CycleYOU is new to Lexington & opened this past week for introductory rides.  It is housed in the same space as Swim Bike Run of Kentucky.   Noelle is the master mind of this new class.  You can read more about her & how it started on the CycleYOU website.

Since I have taken Spin for years, used the SBR CompuTrainers several times & spend the summers road cycling I was very curious to see how CycleYOU would be different.

I got there a little early to sign in & get my bike setup.  The space is pretty cool - inspirational messages on the walls, super sweet spin bikes, even candles to set the mood.  Melissa, the instructor, was walking around introducing herself.  I realized I had taken her spin class a few times last winter over at the Y.  She mentioned several times to keep an open mind while taking the class.

The bikes were similar to a traditional spin bike but there were some big differences.  First off, it is the smoothest & quietest indoor bike I have every ridden!  At one point the instructor turned down the music & even though everyone was spinning the room was silent.  Another really cool thing about the bikes is the gear shifter.  No more turning a knob to adjust the tension & guessing what the tension level is.   These bikes have a shifter that you move either up or down and the display tells you which gear you are in.  The gear settings are 0 - 24.  In addition to the gear setting, the display tells you cadence, power, heart rate (I suspect via an ANT+ strap although I didn't confirm), time & distance.  Hands down the BEST stationary bike I have ever ridden.   The website mentions using the best equipment & they definitely delivered.

Red lever in center of pic is the shifter
The class started off with a easy spin warm up.  I can't remember the order of the class but we did a jump set.  These jumps were not like normal jumps in spin.  Instead of sitting back in the saddle you hover over the saddle & which you will feel in your legs for sure.  There was an interval speed set & a hill climb, both seated & standing.  We did an ab set which included front & side cruches while still spinning.

We also did a set of pushups & a set of arms moves with hand weights all while spinning.  The pushups were straight forward as were the arm moves.  I used 2 pound weights which doesn't sound like much but believe me after 8 minutes of holding these they feel like 20 pounds!  The arm moves included lots of pulses, tricep & bicep exercises & a few others that I am surely forgetting before beginning the cool down.

The music was great!  Most of the moves are to the beat of the music & the moves are supposed flow from one to another - very yoga like.   By the end of class I was soaked.  It was definitely a great workout.

Going into the class I wasn't sure what to expect.  I am already a member of the city Y's plus Sunday master's swim practice.  I didn't think I would want to pay for another membership especially since spin classes are offered at the Y.  The going rates are in line with the yoga studio's in town.  Not cheap but for the quality of the equipment it is fair.   The class & the bikes impressed me.  On my way out I picked up a 10 pass class card.  I think it will be my new go to spin class this winter.

Melissa, me & Noelle
Week 4 HBBC Recap:

Monday:  Run 3.22 miles (Day 19 #RWRunStreak), Freggies - 4.22 points

Tuesday: Run 1 mile (Day 20 #RWRunStreak) - 1 points
Wednesday: Run 3.22 mile (Day 21 #RWRunStreak) - 3.22 points
Thursday: Run 1 mile (Day 22 #RWRunStreak), 35 minute Swim - 4.5 points
Friday: Run 1 mile (Day 23 #RWRunStreak) - 1 points
Saturday: Run 3.6 mile (Day 24 #RWRunStreak), 60 minutes Yoga - 6.6 points
Sunday:  Swim 60 minutes, Run 1 mile (Day 25 #RWRunStreak), Freggies - 8 points

Bonus Points: 8 - Daily FB check-in & WoW

Week Total: 36.54
HBBC Total: 153.52


  1. This sounds like a fun class. I'm sure you'll enjoy this over the winter. You're racking up lots of HBBC points!

  2. Oooh...very neat. I like how they've taken spin and "upped the game" a bit. It would be hard for me to pay for another membership too. Smart of them to offer pass cards.

  3. Awesome week!

    I love spinning! Cycle You sounds like an amazing workout!

  4. i am soooo impressed by everyone who does spinning. My runners legs want to fall off when I've tried it!

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