Monday, January 7, 2013

Jammie Inspiration Plus HBBC Week 7

I missed posting this on my ridiculously long vacation post.  Our last stop in Tybee Island we stayed at the Ocean Plaza Beach Resort.  It was a decent hotel right on the beach & surprisingly cheap - definitely off season.  When we returned from dinner Steve closed the curtains & I couldn't believe what I saw.  They perfectly matched my Old Navy PJ's!  Now every time I wear them I will think of our last night of vacation.  

Last Saturday was the end of the HBBC.  It is hard to believe this challenge is over!! Seriously, it went crazy fast!  This challenge along with the #RWRunStreak helped me maintain my fitness & my weight over the holidays.   Again, big thanks to Amanda at Run to the Finish for organizing it!

Week 7 HBBC Recap:

Monday:  Run 1.17 mile (Day 40 #RWRunStreak), Walk 1 mile - 2.17 points
Tuesday: Run 3.1 miles (Day 41 #RWRunStreak), Walk 1 mile, Freggies - 5.1 points
Wednesday: Walk 1 mile, Freggies - 2 points
Thursday: Rest Day, Freggies - 1 points
Friday: Run 3.4 miles, Freggies - 4.4 points
Saturday - LAST DAY!: Run 2.4 miles - 2.4 points

Bonus Points: 5 - Daily FB check-in

Week 7 Total: 22.07
HBBC Total: 257.03


  1. too funny! i love tybee, except that you can't have dogs on the beach!

  2. That is hilarious! WTG with a successful HBBC!

  3. who would have ever thought that your curtains would match your pants??? I've never seen curtains that bright before I don't think. Pretty funny though.

    Is it awful that it's January and I'm longing for a swim at Cave Run?



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