Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Miss Sweating

This is my second surprise of this recovery.  I am longing for a good sweat fest!

I am in week 6 of not running & week 3 of Physical Therapy for my Hipflexor & Periformis issue, aka the Pain in the Butt.  Thanks to not running, deep tissue massage, pain patches & strengthening exercises I am feeling much better.  Not 100% better but at least I no longer feel pain 100% of the time.  Now I only feel pain when I do certain movements.

After this weeks session my PT told me to go on a 30 minute test walk this weekend.  Yay!  Although, if I am being honest, I was planning on going on that walk regardless with the new ladies run group in Lexington.  I am going nuts without being able to run.  I was hoping to be running again by Halloween but now I am thinking it may be closer to Thanksgiving.  Ugh, can it really only be a month until Thanksgiving already?!

From the Iron Horse Facebook page
It bums me out that I am not going to be able to run in the Iron Horse this weekend.  I will be volunteering at the second water stop with some peeps from work.  Tonight I picked up Steve & my race packets.  I know some say that you are not supposed to wear a race shirt from a race that you didn't actually run in.  Well, I say screw that!  I paid for the darn thing, I am wearing it!  The shirt is awesome!  It fits great & the logo is cool.  Not to mention, I like when race shirts don't put all the sponsors on the back of the shirt.  The shirt looks so much cleaner.  I will proudly wear this race shirt that I DNS (did not start) in fact, I am wearing it right now!

Best of luck to all the racers this weekend!


  1. At least your volunteering and get to cheer everyone on! It's going to be cold though....I'm wanting the warm weather to come back. I hope your able to run come Thanksgiving

  2. I so hear you this one! I hurt my foot and haven't been running. I am missing it big time! And I say wear the shirt!!



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