Sunday, October 9, 2011

Feeling Optimistic

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Even though there was no running or cycling for me again this week I am cautiously optimistic that I will be running again soon & I even plan to spin next Tuesday!

Here is how last week went:

Sunday = 2100 yard Swim - Started to feel the old shoulders complain toward the end of the workout.  I was not surprised at this since I have been swimming more to offset the no running or cycling.   I decided to back off on the swim this week.

Monday  = Rest day - I tried out a couple of new recipes in honor of fall.  I made Pumpkin Cornbread & Pumpkin Chili.  They were both really good, even Steve said so.  The cornbread was on the sweet side which is exactly how I like it & you couldn't taste the pumpkin in the chili.  I think it helped make it a little thicker.  Check out the recipe HERE  I made no mods to the cornbread but did add one can of beans & some cayenne pepper to the chili for a kick.  YUM.

Tuesday = 7AM Pilates which included 200 squats which I felt every single one of them until Friday afternoon.  My legs are strong so I didn't have a problem doing the 200 squats but when it comes to planks and the other endless core exercises....forget about it...I am a big weakling.  I am loving this class and it is really loving me back especially the next AM when I try to get out of bed.  I feel those exercises when I try to sit up out of bed.   Maybe I am crazy but I love that sore feeling!

Wednesday = First Physical Therapy at UK Sports Medicine - This is why I am optimistic.  The PT worked with me for an hour.  The hour included analyzing my walk gate, lots of deep stretches, some serious manual therapy, put on a pain patch for my bum and gave me a list of exercises & stretches to do at home.  She said I could spin as long as it didn't cause any acute pain. 

Regarding the manual therapy, WOW, this was crazy, crazy painful but I think this is exactly what I needed.  I do the foam roller at home but I can't get that deep or inflict that much pain on myself.  She worked on my hip flexors first & then used these hard plastic tools to work on my piriformis.   I have some serious bruises on my bum & down my leg BUT I have more mobility in my hip then I have had for a long time.  I go back next Thursday.  I am optimistic that I will be running again by the end of the month.   Fingers crossed.

Thursday = PT exercises, stretches & 7AM Pilates - Yep went back for some more.  The combo of Tuesdays class & Wednesday's PT made me feel like I had been run over by a mack truck! 

After work I picked up our new Run Kentucky t-shirts & met a few fellow runners.  It is always fun to meet some of your imaginary friends in real life!  The shirts are great.  Super soft material.  These are the same type of shirts that you will get if you sign up for The Run the Bluegrass half marathon in the spring.  The logo will be different but shirt will be the same. 

Friday = Rest Day - I was planning on doing Power Yoga after work but at 4:50 I received a text from Steve that he & Karma were sitting on the patio having a beer.  Yep, that's all it will power today.

Saturday = PT exercises & stretches. 

Steve & Stephanie from Indy
Steve & I volunteered at Leg 34 of the Bourbon Chase.  What is the Bourbon Chase you ask?  It is an overnight relay on the Bourbon Trail consisting of over 250 teams.  Each team is 12 runners who run 3 legs each for a total of 200 miles over 2 days.   It was fun watching all the #bourbonchase tweets all day Friday & Saturday!

Some teams decorated their vans.  Guess that helped them locate their van amongst the hundreds of other white passenger rental vans!

Also, I found out I won a giveaway!  I won the Non-Runners Marathon Guide for Women from Christie at Changing from Fat to Fit.   I am looking forward to reading it.  It feels like an eternity since I have run and I think the motivation will do me some good!  Christie is less than a month away from running her first half marathon!  Yay Christie!!  You can check out her blog HERE

Have a great week y'all!  Thanks for reading!

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