Thursday, August 18, 2011

Changing Gears

Last week I switched from tri specific training to  run focused training.  Last Tuesday we began a Lexmark Run/Walk group which I am coordinating.  It is an 8 week training plan for the CASA 5K/10K.  We have 10-20 folks joining us each Tuesday & Thursday with a few more doing the plans on their own.  We are very fortunate to have the Legacy Trail run through Lexmark property.  I love seeing so many people riding, walking, running & even roller blading on it every day.  Before the LT opened I hadn't seen a roller blader since living in Chicago 8 years ago!

This week I started a 10 week training plan leading up to the IronHorse Half Marathon in Midway, KY.  Steve & I both ran the inaugural race last year.   I ran 3 half's in 7 weeks last year and because of this I got a little confused on the start time.  I was thinking it started at 8:30 and we arrived at 8AM on the dot thinking we had 30 minutes to hit the porta potty & get to the start line.  We walked straight to the porta-potty's & I was amazed that there was no line.  I thought 'wow, great job race director of having PLENTY of potty's!'  I walked out to meet Steve who was waiting for me & we then walked up to the start line.  As we walked closer to the start we noticed that everyone was walking towards us.  It slowly dawned on me that the race start was at 8AM not 8:30AM!  Oh Crap!!!!  Fortunately they still had the timer set up...barely.  So that started the race in a bit of a panic but I will admit it was SO nice to not have to deal a congested start.  The entire race we passed people and it ended up being a PR race for both Steve & I so he wasn't too mad at me after all.  This year we will be there in plenty of time!

I joined the High Street YMCA last Saturday.  Pete's Deal had a 3 month special for $ know how I love those deals!  It was perfect timing because my Urban Active membership expired at the end of July.  I had a fabulous swim in there 25 yard pool on Sunday morning & was thrilled to have a real live cyclist teaching the Monday evening spin class!  Melissa, the spin instructor, told me the Pilates instructor is also a cyclist and caters her class to other cyclists.  Thursday morning there is a 6AM spin taught by Melissa followed by the 7AM Pilates class.  I am currently envisioning myself getting up at 5:30 AM to make it to both classes.  I may need a little motivation from you all to get my bum out of bed!

I have been working on a few other things this week.  I have created a Facebook page (Bluegrass Tri Chick) AND a Twitter (@BGTriChick) account.  I like (pun intended) having the Facebook page so I can separate my race/training/blog stuff from my normal life stuff.  That way if people are interested in following they can & I am not boring to death the rest of the folks.  I am not sure how much I am going to use the Twitter page but I went ahead & signed up for it anyway.  There is a method to my madness & it should be clear to you soon but that is for a future blog post!

I am learning a lot about blogging in general & it seems there is a plethora of ways to get networked in with other bloggers.  I am really enjoying the creative side to writing on a semi-regular basis.  Since I am an engineer / analytical person it doesn't come naturally but as my good friend Liz said earlier this week, you have to write everyday to be a good writer or something along those lines....I am not good at quote recall either.  :-)

I really need to follow Liz's advice...that way these blog posts won't be novels!

Thanks for reading!

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