Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You and Your Gizmos and Rub on Juices

So, my husband Steve swung by my office during lunch today.  When he stopped by I was looking up a tracking number.  I was pretty excited to see that the acupuncture mat I ordered last week was out for delivery!  He just rolled his eyes & said you and your gizmos and rub on juices!

I admit, I am a sucker for most things that claim to relax, recharge, heal, etc.  I love, love, love massages.  When we were in Moab last fall we received samples of Sore No More & I had to by a tube before we left Moab.  In Ashville, I had a demo of the eucalyptus oil & I had to buy a bottle of it as soon as we got home.  BTW, I am planning on doing a follow up review on this soon since I have been using it religiously for 8 weeks now.

So when I read about Vila in the latest Women's Running Magazine I just had to have one!  It was only $40 & a typical acupuncture session runs $75 so if it works it is a bargain.  I don't expect it to give all the benefits of an acupuncture session but I am hoping that it will help keep my back happy.

I laid down on it tonight for about 10 minutes.  It wasn't painful but it did leave a bunch of little holes in my back & left it very red. I will try it out for awhile before I give any more feedback on it. 

About half the length of a yoga mat
Close up of the little pokers

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