Monday, August 15, 2011

Snake Oil Review

It has been a while since the Snake Oil post and I feel I have given the Pains All Gone a fair try.

I focused using Pains All Gone on my neck, shoulders & upper back.  Everyday after I got out of the shower I would rub the oil onto my neck & shoulder area.  Some days I would apply it twice a day.  Each application was 3-4 sprays.  I used it for my entire training period of 8 weeks.  Most days after a ride I had tension/tightness in my neck & upper back.  Some days after a swim my shoulders ached. Even days I didn't have any tension/pain I still would apply the oil.  The oil has a light eucalyptus smell that goes away after about 5 minutes. The oil didn't feel too greasy & didn't stain any of my clothes.

I took the below picture tonight & was shocked to see how much oil is left in the bottle after 2 months of daily use.  I would say the bottle would last about 8 months if used daily.

My shoulders are very temperamental & typically at some point during the training block I have to back off from swimming for a week or more to prevent further injury.   During this training block my longest swim was 2000 meters & my longest ride was 35 miles.  Before this training block, my swims topped out at 1600m & my rides at 25 miles so this was the heaviest training block to date for me.

So how did it work?  Once I applied the oil I felt some tension release immediately.  It didn't make all the pain go away but I could definitely feel an improvement.  What was even more impressive was as the 8 weeks progressed with increased training loads the tension / pain decreased.  As opposed to all my previous training blocks I never had to dial down or skip a swim workout during the 8 weeks.  At the end of the Lake Logan Triathlon I was shocked at how good I felt.  I didn't have a bit of tension or pain in my neck, upper back or shoulders.  That to me is success!  I will continue to use this oil as well as recommend it to anyone that hasn't found success with other pain management techniques.

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