Saturday, August 27, 2011

Time for the Professionals

My right side from the waist down has not been a happy camper for a couple months now.  For most of the summer I have felt a slight strain in my right adductor/inner groin.   I really noticed it when I rode.  It wasn't an acute pain just enough to let me know I better be careful otherwise I would end up with a full on injury.

Since my Oly I have not ridden Jake to try to get that area to heal.  Instead of riding I started ramping up my running.  After about 2 weeks of that my right hip & piriformis started to hurt.  In fact, after my last long run I was hurting so bad that I decided to take a week off from running as well. 

At the end of the week off, I still have a little tenderness in the area, especially when I do certain stretches.  So my plan this week is to take another week off from running & riding.  In addition to that, I will go Chiropractor on Monday & my acupuncturist on Tuesday.  The imposter is not cutting it at all.  If that doesn't fix me up, my next stop is another Ashi massage. 

I am still planning on doing the bike leg of the Tri for Sight next Sunday although I will have to go easy.  I really do need to get on my bike this weekend since I just had it in for another tune up and haven't ridden it since I picked it up.   I really wanted to ride the TFS course one more time but I figure I will just ride it around the block to make sure it is at least shifting OK.

Once you are hooked on this stuff it is so hard to take it easy.  At least I can still swim & do yoga!

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