Thursday, January 19, 2012

January N2U CT Challenge - Pilates & More Pilates

Kim over at (Just) Trying is for Little Girls is the host of the '2012 New to You' Cross Training Challenge.  This is the first of 12 New to Me Cross Training Challenge posts. 

I actually have 2 new to me classes that I am taking this month but they are both sorta related.  One is the Pilates reformer & the other is Pilates Ball.  The reformer class is a 12 week session every Monday night over at the Beaumont Y.  The Pilates Ball class is a drop in class at High Street Y every Wednesday night.  

Back in August when I first joined the Y I started taking Alicia's 7AM Pilates Mat class.  Wow is she a mean her class is a killer!  Every time I take that class I feel like I have no abs.  Her strength is amazing!   I went pretty regularly from August to December.  Since I am swimming most mornings now I haven't made it to the 7AM class since before Christmas. 

The Reformer class was recommended by my PT.  I must admit that after taking Alicia's class the Reformer & the ball seem like child's play.    Since this is my first Reformer class I have to start out in the beginners class.  In the beginners class they teach you how to use the equipment & do the exercises properly.  I really like that they focus on correct form.  In the mat class I regularly felt like my form was bad.   I also like how you get a good stretch & strength workout during the class.  I have only been to a three classes & so far it hasn't been too challenging.  I suspect that will change as the session goes on.  At least I hope so.   I will wait until the session is close to over to make my final verdict.  

They look a bit like torture devices, don't they?

The Pilates Ball class is...well...a ball!  Josette is an awesome instructor.  She teaches a lot of the Yoga classes at High Street & Beaumont.   This is a pretty unique class as far I as am I concerned.  I have been to a lot of gyms in town & have never seen a similar class.  We do a little cardio, a little upper body weights, some balance work (think squat on top of ball & balance) and of course lots of core work.  I am digging this class.  Josette gives us different options depending on our experience levels.  This class is definitely a keeper!

Just one of the many poses we do


  1. How great to be getting all these new things in! That ball class sounds awesome!

  2. That actually looks really tough! I tried the class with the rope things at SBR and it was a beating that I took. Need to strength train more, I'm just lazy about that.

    Has my first masters swim last night!

  3. Over from Kim's N2UCTC page - love that you did 2 pilates classes. I've seen the platform being demonstrated on QVC numerous times and always thought it would be an effective and fun workout. The ball pilates looks really challenging!



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