Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years in North Ft Myers

We spent the second half of our vacation visiting my aunt in North Ft Myers.   
Steve geochaching & Karma supervising
Found it! 
Found another one
We ate cake...chocolate ganache to be exact 
while Karma watched
We went to Sanibel Island
where Steve found another geocache
We walked along the beach & wondered why all the dead fish?
We later found out they had a red tide
The sunset was beautiful though
Sanibel sunset picture
We went to Eco Preserve
where Steve found another geochache

4 Mile Cove
No alligators were seen
We checked out Ft Myers beach - beautiful sand!
Fun sand gator
and sand crab
Me & my aunt on NYE
Me & Steve
We had a fabulous NYE dinner with my aunt & a few of her friends.  We were home & in bed by 11PM.  Not real exciting but we were planning to get up at 5AM for the long drive home.

Vacation was awesome but in typical fashion it was too short.   We drove home yesterday in 14 hours which was shocking since it took over 16 hours to get to St. Pete.  We were happy to be home by 8PM on Sunday although not so happy with the temperature.  It is ccccold.  We even had snow today.  

We plan to take a few extra days next Christmas so we have more time there.  

A few things we would like to do next year - 

Kayak around Sanibel - hopefully there will be no red tide.  

Bring our bikes to Sanibel too.   There are bike paths all over the island. 

Bike more of the Pinellas Trail.  

Check out Edison & Ford Winter Estates


  1. I am so jealous!! It looks so warm there!! I told my husband that next Christmas I wanna spend the holidays somewhere where it's warm!

    I know this seems like a dumb question but what's a geocache?

  2. looks like a perfect little trip and the weather looks awesome.

    oh and I think I need that cake!

  3. that cake looks amazing! and glad you didn't see any real gators!

    ps - i registered for run the bluegrass!!



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