Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012!

I saw a photo similar to these on a blog I read over the past week although I can't remember which one.  While on Sanibel Island the other day I thought I would give it a shot.

There are lots of posts on resolutions & goals this week.  I made a resolution several years ago to no longer make resolutions.   I now set goals for myself.  My goal in 2012 is to get over this injury & get strong.

Regarding the injury - I have both my MRI results back. Hip is clean but lower lumbar has three minor bulging disks although all are the normal height.  One disk shows signs of desiccation but is also a normal height.  I suspect this has been the case for some time since I have pretty severe scoliosis.  I am done with PT for now.  There really wasn't much more they could do.  I will continue on with my chiropractor although I am scheduled to see a new chiropractor the 3rd week of January who is certified in ART.   I have heard good things about ART as well as this chiropractor - fingers crossed!

Regarding getting strong - I am starting the New Year with a Pilates Reformer class on Monday evenings, an Injury Rejuvenation class (foam roller/yoga/Pilates) class on Tuesday & Thursday evenings & P90X videos 3x a week.  I will continue to swim 3 days a week plus I want to start spinning again 1x a week.   This plan will take me through March.  I will re-evaluate how things are going at that time.  

Happy New Year!  I wish you all a happy & healthy 2012!!


  1. I love how you did a progression of the pictures!

    I think your goal is a good one and I hope the new chiro can help you out with getting healed. Glad the MRI showed that you were healthy other than the slight disks, which hopefully can get relief!

  2. Happy New Year to you too! I agree about the resolution thing. Setting realistic goals are a much better alternative. My goals this year are to try new some new things and keep doing what I'm doing. I think its fully attainable. I think you have great goal too. I look forward to reading about how it all goes.

  3. love the pictures! i hope you have a speedy recovery!



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