Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend Rewind

Friday night Steve & I went to the Loudon House to check out the Lexington Art Leagues Black Friday event.  Local artists were selling their art all for under $50.  I was hoping to find some cool Christmas cards for my blogger exchange.  I was not disappointed.  My good friend Liz made some  prints for cards.  I also picked up some cards made by Cricket Press.  They make the coolest posters in town!

Afterwards, Steve & I checked out Cassanova, a new'ish restaurant in town.  Lexington has a shortage of good Italian restaurants so I was curious to see how this one fared.  We got there about 7:30 & the place was about 3/4 full, a good sign maybe or it could have been everyone using their Groupon.  They brought us some warm bread & oil which was really good.  Steve humored me by splitting the surf & turf with me.  It was a Filet Mignon with either Swordfish or Salmon. We ordered the Salmon.   When the server brought out our food I thought the fish looked like grilled chicken.  We asked the server if that was salmon & she had no idea.  It was swordfish.  It was actually pretty good.  Steve didn't like the steak, I thought it was OK but overcooked.  I always have to try the tirimisu at any new Italian restaurant.  It wasn't the best I have had but it was pretty good.  If we go back, we will try their cheaper pasta dishes & skip their meat/fish specials.   Overall, by Lexington standards Cassanova's was good.

Saturday I spent the morning at the gym.  I started the first Total Immersion lesson in hopes to improve my dreadfully slow swim.  I will give more details on TI in a later post.   I swam/drilled for over an hour then hit the Yoga class.  I felt great afterwards.  Love, love yoga.  The more I practice the more I love it.

Saturday I had girls nights with my girls Liz, Gwyn & Beth.  We try to get together once a month or so but it seems like forever since all four of us have been able to make girls night.  One of us usually remembers to bring our camera but for some reason none of us remembered to take a pic.  Will try to do better next time!

Sunday morning we got started on our Christmas shopping.  Steve has 9 grand kids so it pretty much takes several trips to the store to get all our shopping done.  We usually get 1 outfit & a few toys for each.  Today we knocked out the clothing.  I think we made it all of 2 hours before getting hungry & cranky.  I did pick up one fun thing for Karma before leaving the store.

Poor Karma, she has no idea what I am up to
I mean come on, it has a beagle on it.  How could I pass it up?  And yes, Karma wears a jacket.  She shivers like crazy without.  I don't think she hates wearing the jacket but I do think she was hating me pretty bad for making her wear this!

Just you wait until your sleeping!
Good Karma
After we got our laughs we took it off her.  Well actually she rubbed & rubbed 'till it came off.
Get this damn thing off me!
Sunday afternoon we went to see the 14th annual Collage concert performed by the UK Choirs.  They perform a wide range of holiday songs.  I surprised myself that the Grass Kats were my favorite, performing a Bluegrass holiday medley that including one song about UK finally beating the Vols after 26 years in football.  I am pretty sure that one was a fan favorite. 

Below is last years performance of the Nigerian carol "Betelehemu".  From what I read they perform this one every year.  It was really, really cool performance. 

Have a great week y'all!


  1. Those antlers are hilarious! Can't wait to hear about the TI class. Have thought about trying to take one but it never worked out timewise.

  2. karma looks adorable!! we do this to riley also!

  3. Karma is so cute! I love dressing dogs up, it just never gets old!!

    Sorry you don't have good Italian restaurants. In my opinion that is just tragic because I love Italian.

    I love TI. I went from dying after a lap to being able to go forever. I am not going to say I am a fast swimmer, but I got so so much faster. And it just made swimming easier. I always tell people to read or watch the videos. Hope you like it!

  4. I love the dog photo. He is so cute.


  5. Oohh, definitely want to read more about the swimming. I've never taken a class, though I have tried it.

  6. I seen that restaurant. We will have to try it out. Your doggy is so cute!!

  7. Awww poooooor Karma!!!! I like the last pic, it was like "stop picking on meeeeee"



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