Friday, December 9, 2011

Week in Review

Since I can't find the time to post on a daily basis I figure I would do summary posts for now.

Monday - I started the day in the pool working on the TI drills.  After swim I headed to PT.  This week I saw a spine specialist for the first time.  She did an evaluation, had me try some new exercises & suggested I get an MRI.  Oh & at the end of the session she told me she was moving to Idaho & I would be seeing another spine specialist next time.  Really wasn't too impressed with the experience.  Especially since I left feeling a lot more pain than when I went in.  I am pretty sure the 16th will be my last appointment.

After work I headed to a Pilates Reformer trial class.  It was a freebie offered at the Y which I couldn't pass up.  I was really impressed with the class.  I am contemplating signing up for a session in January.   On my way home this happened: 
I was counting down all week.  I was figured I would miss it turn but I didn't.  First time I have had a car that hit this milestone!

Tuesday - I slept through the AM pilates class but did make the evening yoga class.  That was pretty much the excitement of the day. 

Wednesday - I did another swim/drill session in the morning.  I had my first wardrobe fail too.  I packed my gear the night before & somehow I managed to pack 2 different black shoes.  Fortunately I packed black jeans instead of dress pants so I was able to wear my running shoes to work & not look too stupid.
Shoe Fail!
After work the Women @ Work network volunteered at the Chrysalis House Holiday Party.  The Chrysalis House is a great non profit that provides substance abuse treatment for women and families.  We served dinner & helped kids decorate sugar cookies.  This reminds me that I want to do a Good Karma Holiday Edition post. 

Thursday - I had an 8AM meeting so couldn't make it to the morning Pilates class but did make it to the gym after work.  I did a 30 minute walk, not quite pain free, followed by yoga. 

Friday - No workouts today but I did go to my Chiropractor after work.  We discussed the status of my injury & talked about ART & other treatments.  I caught him up on my PT experiences & the MRI suggestion.  I will most likely get the MRI to see if there are any spinal/pelvic issues that are causing the pain.   He then did some adjustments & some trigger pointing.  I walked out pain free which I made my day.

Tomorrow Steve & I are going to the Reindeer Ramble followed by a TNT alumni brunch. Figures it will be the coldest day of the season!  I have several layers of clothes laid out to wear while cheering on the sidelines.  I am hoping to meet a couple fellow bloggers, Julie & Christy, there too. 

Have a great weekend y'all!


  1. so the shoe thing... that's so something i'd do!

  2. Oh I can't believe you packed too shoes! Congrats on getting your car past 100K! Woohoo! I would have totally missed that so I am impressed you got a picture right at 100,000! Have fun at the race!

  3. OMG, so glad you had pants on!! I had a great time Saturday.



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