Thursday, December 15, 2011

Total Immersion – Lesson 2

Sunday I started the second lesson in Total Immersion.  The drills include the following:

·     Transition from Core Balance to Skating Position
·     Skating Sweet Spot Breath
Skating Advanced Breath 
Prep for Lesson 3

My plan is to start with a 15 minute freestyle warm up & then move on to about 30 minutes of drills.  I switched it up a little because the pool is feeling cold to me this week.  They added water on Sunday plus the colder temps seem to have lowered the water temp.  I still started with the 15 minute warm up but could only handle 10 minutes of drills before freezing so I would go back to swimming then 10 minutes of drills, etc.

The drills this week really emphasized the fact that I have one side that I can control easier than the other.  I was back in the pool Monday & Wednesday morning to practice some more.  The video says you should spend hours on these drills.  Well, this week I spent 1.5 hours on them but I think they meant quite a few more hours than that. 

By Wednesday morning I felt like I was getting into the correct body position a lot easier but still had some trouble rotating to breathe.  Sometimes it was effortless, other times I felt like I would drown.  Eh, win some, lose some. 
In other news…..

After talking with my doctor last Friday I decided to get an MRI.  So this morning I went in for a pelvic MRI to see if there is an explanation to this nagging hip/butt pain.  I went in with mixed feelings.   Part of me wanted to find something to explain the pain but the other part of me wanted it to be normal.  I found out around 3PM today that it was normal.  The doc is going to order a lumbar MRI to check if there is anything going on there but I suspect it will be normal too.  At least we are ruling things like muscle tears, fractures & the dreaded 'C' word out.  I think at some point I am going to have to give in to the fact that I am getting old & shit just gonna hurt.  *sigh*

Also, tomorrow will be my last PT session.  I just don’t feel like we are making any progress & with the end of the year here & new deductibles to be met, I feel like now is a good time to break.  I will see if anything shows up in the next MRI before deciding what to do next.

Now on to fun things! 

I finished up all my blogger secret Santa gift & card exchanges and dropped everything in the mail yesterday!   I am a member of Team Donner for the card exchange.  Here are links to the rest of the team.   

Team Donner
Hannah Hannahviolin 
Cassandra Running for Three 

As for the Secret Santa exchanges, I can’t share any info about those yet because well, it’s a secret!  I will post after they get their packages. 

Steve & I finished our Christmas shopping Tuesday.  Hallelujah!  It really does help to have a hard deadline.  Since we won’t be in town for Christmas we wanted to get everything done by this weekend.  It is a really nice feeling to be done.   All I have left is a few things for Steve & to get ready for our Christmas road trip to Florida!

We have a busy weekend coming up.  Steve’s daughter’s college graduation is Saturday morning then Saturday night we are heading to Louisville for an early birthday celebration.  Next Thursday I will be 41 although thanks to USAT rules I have been 41 since January 1st.  Believe it or not, that confuses me like crazy.  I actually have told non body markers that I was 41 several times this year.

Y’all getting into the Christmas spirit?


  1. i watched the TI dvd when i was learning to swim properly and it helped a lot. i didn't do the drills as much as i probably should have but the pool i used to go to, sucked horribly. Too many people swimming in the same lane. I was mortified the first time i had to "age up" for a tri b/c i was 39 and holding on to it as long as possible. It wasn't easy to say 40 and to see 40 on my calf when i was only 39. oh well! now i don't care.
    hope you have an awesome Florida Chistmas! weather has been unseasonably warm for December. 77 degrees this evening.

  2. I really need to go back and do drills for swimming. I can only breath on my left side. I try to do it on my right and I start sinking. I am glad you are posting about this because it is reminding me to go back and work on drills! I am glad you are normal but I hope you find the source of pain soon!!!

    Merry Christmas to you!!

  3. Hope the 2nd MRI comes out good also. We are going to be going somewhere after Xmas but don't have any definite plans yet. I'm ready to get out of town. Yeah, we are heading to Louisville Saturday night to. We are going to be celebrating Xmas with my best friend and her family. Then Sunday morning at my dads, and then Sunday afternoon at my brothers....Shew!! Have fun and be safe

  4. TI is a good solid program

    I hope the 2nd MRI has good news



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