Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vila Acupunture Mat - Guest Reviewer

Over the summer I succumbed to another one of my impulse buys.  This time it was the Vila Acupuncture mat.  I had high hopes for this thing but once I received it I only used it a couple of times.  Why?  It was just weird to me to lay on it without a top on.  Go figure.  Guess I am a prude or something.

My friend Rian was looking forward to hearing my review but I really didn't use it enough to justify a review.  While I was cleaning in November I decided to make wall art out of it.  I took a picture of it & tried to text Rian.  No such luck because my phone stinks.  It wouldn't send the message.   
Coincidentally Rian emailed me a day or two later asking about it.  He was having some back issues & was wondering if it was worth buying.  I couldn't answer but told him I would box it up & send it to him to try out.  Of course, in typically blogger fashion I asked him to write a review  :-)

So here it is!

Vila Acupunture Mat Review - by Rian Sanders 

My friend, Andrea, asked me to be a guest blogger in order to do a review on some wall art that I came across. At first, I thought this was a strange request, yet considering Andrea is the person that sent me this wall art I figured I may as well write about it.

Unlike Andrea, I did not hang this on the wall. Instead, I laid on it. That’s right…I laid on it. I was mixed with emotion the first time but decided…oh well, why not. Heck, this is something that was just days earlier hanging on Andrea’s wall and here I am laying on this thing. Something was just not right here. As a few more minutes went by and my skin drifted deeper and deeper into this wall art, the sensation of pain was soon replaced by a sensation of invigoration. I laid on this thing for about 30 minutes. Wow, I was amazed that my back actually started feeling better. In fact, it was the best my back felt in weeks.

My friend was not a big fan of this wall art. Just as it pained her to see this hanging on her wall, it brought a slight physical pain to me yet after some time, the physical pain turned to relief. Relief from back pain.

If you have experienced tightness in your back, pain of some sort, etc, you may want to pick this up for a small investment of around $35. However, instead of using this as wall art, first give it a try as it was originally intended. One person’s wall art is another person’s acupuncture mat.

May not work for everyone, but it sure works for me.

Check it out….HERE

Rianman at Ironman Wisconsin (IMOO) 2010


  1. I have to say that looks very interesting....dealing with some back issues right now and wondering if that might work.

  2. That seems weird. I don't know if I could do it especially if it causes some pain. I might be a wimp.



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