Saturday, January 14, 2012

Good Karma - 1Q12 Edition

I am really excited to announce the first Good Karma agency for 2012.  I introduced the Good Karma feature back in October after attending the local CASA 5K/10K.   When I saw Paula's post on Facebook earlier this week introducing the revamped website I immediately knew that I wanted to highlight Tri 4 Freedom for this quarters Good Karma agency.  
I first met Paula on a midnight run last summer.   She was completing her first 27 hour triathlon to raise awareness for human trafficking.  Why 27 hours?  To bring awareness to the 27 million people enslaved in the world.  Tri 4 Freedom's mission is committed to raising awareness about the global extent of human exploitation and empowering survivors of human trafficking and marginalized communities by producing sustainable triathlon clothing.

Tri 4 Freedom is currently planning this years 27 hour triathlon.  The 27 hours will be broken up into 2.5-hour swim, 12.5-hour bike, and 12-hour run.  Last year only Paula did the entire 27 hours with tons of people coming out to ride & run with her throughout the day & night. This year a few more people are participating.  You can read Paula's 2011 27 Hour recap HERE.     

Like I said in the original Tri 4 Freedom post, there are endless causes to get involved in and they all need your support.  Pick one that is meaningful to you & get involved.  You won't regret it!!! 


  1. Interesting... I have never heard of that organization but will have to check out the link.

  2. The 27 hour triathlon looks really great!! I'm gonna check out the link. I wouldn't have known anything about it if it weren't for you! :)



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