Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It seems that Random blog posts are in this week.  

Rambling #1 - Run with Jill is holding her 2nd annual blogger gift exchange.  Last week I was pretty excited about exchanging cards with fellow bloggers & then this week I saw Jill's post about a blogger gift exchange.  Who knew exchanging cards & gifts with virtual friends could be so fun?!  Interested?  Check out Jill's post HERE

Rambling  #2 - Interested in a holiday run challenge?  Then check out Runners World Run Streak HERE   It starts on Thanksgiving & ends on New Years Day.  Run at least 1 mile a day & tweet about it using hashtag #RWRunStreak.  I soooo wish I could participate! 

Rambling #3 - Today I read about the 100 mile swim club over at average girl doing average things.  Since I can't do #2 above I thought this may be exactly what I need.

Thinking it through I did a few quick conversions.  100 miles = 176,000 yards, every lap is 25 yards = 7,040 laps.  I typically swim 60 - 80 laps (1500 - 2000 yards) per swim.  So, on average it will take about 100 workouts to reach 100 miles.  Considering I only swim 2 times a week it will take about 50 weeks to swim 100 miles.  If I start this Sunday, 11/27, I would be swimming mile 100 sometime around November 12, 2012.  3 times a week has me swimming mile 100 around July 20, 2012.  Even if I swam a mile every day it wouldn't be until around March 7th that I swim mile 100.  Shit.  Really?  Not exactly the challenge I was looking for.   Right now I am more suited to an 'eat a 100 cookies' challenge.  I could have that hammered out in like 2 days tops.  Maybe even 36 hours.

Rambling #4 - Interested in joining a team in 2012?  Then check out Team Tough Chik HERE   This team is open to all women.  You can sign up now through January 1st.

Rambling  #5 - As of right now, I am still planning on participating in the Virtual Thanksgiving 5K. I plan to walk hooked up to my TENZ unit.  Fingers crossed for no pain! You can still sign up HERE


  1. I keep meaning to join the Holiday Gift exchange! Isn't all the running challenges killing you right now! I keep wanting to join things and I realize, oh yeah, I'm a invalid! We will run again!

  2. I'm wanting to do the 100 Cookie challenge! :)

  3. If your interested on going a biking challenge, Coach Troy from Spinervals is having one, the same time frame as the running one



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